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Friday, May 20, 2011

Red Balloon

It's gone.  :(  Yes, it died about a week after I saw Dr. March.  However, let me remind you my son brought Red Balloon home on Dec. 22.  It lived exactly 3 months to the day.  Throughout those three months, I was denied by my insurance company 3 times.  At every step of the way.  But Red Balloon gave me hope and inspiration every day that I looked at it.

Aaaaand.....I'll confess that the day it died, Red Balloon was subsequently buried in the garbage can without fanfare.  It did not get the burial it deserved.  Shame on me, because it looks as if Red Balloon came through for me after all.

Everyone leaves a legacy (when we die).  And so did Red Balloon.  It reminded me that miracles happen.  It reminded me to pray.  It's very longevity reignited my faith.  It was the Methuselah of balloons!

I'm ashamed that when I threw it in the trash, I thought, "How stupid to believe in a balloon!"

Red Balloon, if you're reading this:  I'm sorry.  I was wrong.

And it looks like you guys were right all along.

God knew what He was doing and gave me something better than what I asked for.  But He did it on his timeline, not mine. How is this better?

1.  I feel the sleeve is better for me because it reduces ghrelin, the appetite hormone.  And it's restrictive.  I'm not 100% certain yet if I'll be a candidate for it, but I'm hoping.
2.  I'll get it done in Texas where my parents can help me with my kids post-op more than my husband is able while working long hours in Pittsburgh.
3.  My parents haven't seen the boys since Christmas.  This extra quality time together is a huge bonus surprise for everyone.  Yes, it'll be a lot of work for my parents, I know, but my kids will love seeing them.
4.  And I'm sorry, my mom says the cost factor is irrelevant, but I'm a bargain hunter.  Surgery is significantly less if I get it done outside of Pittsburgh.  Especially if I end up getting the gastric sleeve.
5.  If I end up getting the sleeve, I'll save a lot of money from not needing fills & adjustments (since the insurance company won't pay).

I'm starting to really believe this will happen for me.  My Red Balloon gave me hope and reminded me to pray and ask.  Okay, I'll be more honest....I begged!

As for my parents, there really aren't words to express how thankful I feel.  Definitely humbled by their generosity.


  1. I swear the last two posts I was gonna ask about red balloon, but I thought, "thats stupid, of course he died long ago, and she has probably long moved on". Too funny!

  2. Don't ya just love parents! Well in my case parent but she makes up for both :)

    Glad things are finally going ahead for you.

  3. I have thought about that red ballooon loads! I think the sleeve is a great option. As I said before it was a brief one for me!

    Things have worked out. They are still working out and you will be great!!