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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

next week

Got my flight booked!  Next Friday (not this one but the next) I'll be flying down to San Antonio for a quick trip.  After my plane lands, my dad is picking me up and we'll drive 3 hours back to my parents' house.  Then Saturday morning, I'll meet my surgeon.  His office has a branch in Corpus Christi (near my hometown) where I'll meet him and some of his staff.  His website says that you do a TON OF STUFF in addition to the seminar:  meet with him, meet with nutritionist, and meet with a psychologist all on the SAME DAY.  The website said it can take 4-6 hours.  I already did all that stuff here in Pittsburgh before I got denied by my insurance company so hopefully the surgeon will just accept all my paperwork.  I got it in the mail yesterday!

The day after my appointment, I'll be flying home again.

In three days time, my dear dad will drive a minimum of 14 hours shuttling me around all over the place.  He is so sweet.  

Anywho, after meeting the surgeon I'll know what the "next step" is and how fast I can get surgery.  I'm hoping for early July.  Heck!  I want it sooner but we have a family vacation scheduled for June 15-26.


  1. How exciting! Make sure to keep us posted!

  2. I'm getting soooo excited for you!!

  3. Hip-Hip-Horray!!! I am so excited for you and can't wait to follow you on this happy and exciting journey. Your parents are magnificent and loving! Give that dad of yours an extra kiss!