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Thursday, April 25, 2013

making changes

My life is a circus.  I tell you, it's that third baby!

I love her, she's precious, and I wouldn't trade her for Eric Church, but it's like this:  I used to have two hands.  One boy in each hand.  But baby number 3 is like throwing a third ball at me and I CAN'T JUGGLE for sh*t.  I am just not that coordinated.

It's all I can do to wake up at 5:30 am, nurse Gracie, get the boys up and dressed.  And get us all out of the door by 6:40!!  Then I rush them off to day care.  Get to work at 7:30.  Leave at 4:30.  Pick them up.  Get home at 5:30.

Then:  nurse hungry baby, referee two little boys, cook dinner, force boys to EAT said dinner, spoon feed baby girl, hose boys off in shower, put them in bed, catch my breath.....

It's a circus.  But I love it.

Exhausting.  But I love it.

I decided to make some changes though, because I knew I was putting myself last.

After 7 months, that's how old my sweet Gracie is, I still had not had ONE, not ONE, purposeful workout.

My hubby works even earlier than I do, so morning workouts were not an option. Evenings were not an option bc dinner doesn't fix itself.  Boys don't get bathed and put to bed by magic fairies.

By the time my kids are in bed at 8pm, I have no desire WHATSOEVER, to workout.  Plus, that is the only hour per day that my husband and I see each other.

Enough 'scuses, right?

So I chopped my work day!

Yep, as of this week, I get off between 1:30-2:00.  I headed straight for the park and walked for an hour every day so far.  It felt so good.

Heck, I might even start jogging.

Right now my weight is bouncing between 141-143.  I would SO LOVE IT if I could get to the lower 130's.  Maybe I CAN, now that purposeful exercise is part of the equation.  I say "purposeful" because I easily walk 8,000 steps a day at work and lift heavy people.

You know what though?  I'm so thankful for where I'm at right now.  This surgery has given me my life back.  There is no way, I mean NO WAY, I would've EVER had the energy to live this circus before losing some serious weight.  Part of that is because my job as an occupational therapist is so physically demanding...but so is motherhood.  My body is now able to keep up with the demands of both jobs now and I really couldn't do it all before.  I feel so blessed.

Got my face lasered a month ago. And now I'm all healed up!

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Just Busy!

Okay y'all. A few people have emailed me to make sure I'm alive. I am! Not only that, but I'm happier than ever.

That pic was a few weeks when we went to Yo Gabba Gabba Live! Here's another:

As far as my weight goes--I'm below where I was when I got pregnant. Gracie is now 6 months old. How did that happen?!

My oldest just turned 5! What the what?!!!

My little Gracie has been in the hospital four times since birth... Respiratory issues. It started with RSV back in November. Now she's on Flovent, Albuterol, and occasionally steroids and is doing much better. Last hospital admission was back in February so hopefully that is all behind us now.

My boys had their tonsils and adenoids removed last month. Here they are looking pitiful.

They are doing great now though!

Last week I got my face lasered. The CO2 dot laser. Ouch. It still hurts.

It's supposed to help smooth out some acne scars and blast away the melasma I've had since the first pregnancy. My whole face still itches horribly and burns so I hope it was worth the cost and the suffering, lol. Also, Vaseline on your face feels disgusting but is a necessary evil.

I think lighting my face on fire would be a lot cheaper and would probably not hurt any worse.

My sweet Grace is already 6 months old, rolling over and cooing like crazy.

Here she is with my MIL on Valentine's Day.

Oh, and besides working full-time, I've been learning how to quilt. This one still needs a border.

And this one now has a wide hot pink border but I still need to quilt it...thinking about mailing it off to be professionally finished from this point....

I'm so ridiculously busy but loving life!! Right now I'm working 30+ hours a week but am thinking about dropping my hours down. I miss my babies! I hate dropping them off at 7 and leaving them there for TEN hours. Makes me feel horrible.

But I do enjoy my job, doing inpatient acute therapy (I'm an OT), I just want more balance in my life, that's all.

Since Grace was born I STILL have not resumed working out! Getting to 141 without exercising is amazing if you ask me but I'd still like to get toned up. With that said, my job is quite physical. A lot of heaving lifting, think about how heavy a stroke patient's limbs are....and a lot of walking. My pedometer says I go about 8000 steps a day. But I want to do more. I want to get some strength training.

But I need some balance first....must cut work hours....

Going to Vegas with my hubby in a few days. That'll be the first "real" vacation we've had since BK (before kids). Well, alone that is! We've been all over with our sweetie pies in tow.

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