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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

5 more days

A few fellow bloggers have so thoughtfully emailed me recently asking me how I'm doing. Thanks to all y'all. ;)

I'm feeling great and my baby will be here in only 5 days (Monday Sept 17, scheduled c-section). My two boys are getting super excited. We can't wait to see if they'll have a brother or sister.

I've been working much more than I originally planned when we moved from PA to TX. Officially, I'm scheduled for 3 days a week but I've been frequently (meaning almost always!) working 4-5 days a week just to make more money since I plan to stay at home with the new baby for 12 weeks.

Plus, I love my job.

And the more I'm home, the more I fall victim to internet shopping....so really I have worked so much so I can have $ to spend while I'm on maternity leave.

Anywho. Soon, I'll have time to relax and give you all a better update. For now, here's a baby bump pic from 2 weeks ago, almost 37 weeks pregnant.

Patients are always surprised at how far along I am and say things like, "you're so tiny!"

I love it. With my first two pregnancies I got all the way to my delivery date and people were surprised I was pregnant at all. I just went from big to bigger (I guess) and it hurt my feelings something terrible.

Plus, I couldn't work up to my due date with the other pregnancies. My job as a therapist is too physically demanding to do full-time while 110 lbs overweight. I'm currently 80+ lbs lighter than when I delivered the first two. I feel great and have had NONE of all the complications I had with the other two.

This surgery is the most amazing gift.

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