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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Egg Le Muffins

Okay, forget that link I posted a few weeks ago to an egg muffin recipe. Here's one my husband came up with that's easier and has more protein & less carbs. It has 2 main ingredients. Are you ready? The following recipe makes 12 muffins.

4 eggs
3/4 C cottage cheese

Mix in bowl. Salt & pepper to taste.  Spray muffin pan. Pour in mixture, leaving a little room because they will rise a tiny bit. Top with shredded cheese.

If you wanted to add additional ingredients for flavor (such as bacon, ham, peppers, onions) it's best to add them to each individual muffin to ensure an even distribution.  Anything that tastes good in an omelet would work.  Just top with a tiny bit of cheese as your last step.

Bake at 400 for 20 minutes.

These whip up really quickly and make great snacks/meals to keep on hand when you find yourself hungry.

If you need a quick breakfast, leftovers zap up in 30 seconds in the microwave.

With my sleeve, I eat two for a meal and one for a snack.

*Estimated nutrition info per one plain muffin:

Protein: 4.6g
Fat: 3g
Calories: 50

***This was based on using 2/3C shredded Mexican cheese, but honestly I don't think I sprinkled that much on them.  Who knows?!  Next time I make these I'll measure out the shredded cheese before sprinkling so I can get a more accurate nutrition snapshot.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

skinny jeans

So, Friday morning my husband and I dropped our boys off at Parents Morning Out and went Christmas shopping.  We were done after one stop at Toys R Us and Target, so my husband asked if there was anywhere I wanted to go before our lunch reservations.

How many weeks ago did I get those 12P Calvin Kleins from Costco?  Two or three.  

They're already too big.

SO....Jean shopping was in order (loath).  Not the most fun thing in the world.  And quick!  Because we didn't have much time.

Due to the time crunch---we headed straight to my go-to-store (Nordstrom) and my go-to-brand (Not Your Daughter's Jeans).  Grabbed the 12P.  Tried them on.  Too big.  :D  Next!

What do you know?

The 10Ps fit.


If 8Ps ever fit I will do a freakin' somersault.  6Ps?  I'll do a cartwheel right here on this blog!!!  But for 10Ps, just a bunch of exclamation points.

You know, shopping is not the torture it used to be.  I might even like it a little bitty bit.  It helps to have a brand that can reliably fit your shape.  If you haven't tried NYDJ jeans, you should.  They work miracles.

Andddddd?  And I almost forgot to sayyyy, these are SKINNY jeans people.  SKINNY FIT jeans on me?!?!


Those are not my mile-long legs in the pic (duh), but those are the jeans.  This chick is probably a size O tall.  I'll have to get a whole outfit together before I post any pics.  You can't see it but the back pocket has a really cool chevron-shaped detail made of leather.  LOVE.

My weight this morning was 153 this morning (BMI = 27).  My goal is 140.  Hoping to get there by my 35th birthday (Feb).  :)

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

10 Things Thursday

Warning:  I don't have much of anything weight loss related to share.

1.  My husband went to Vegas last week to get some "continuing education."  This was the result:

The look on his face is pretty priceless, don't you think?

2.  My husband is currently looking for a new job.  Don't worry---he's still working.  This job search has nothing to do with the above photo hitting Facebook!  We've decided that it's important for our children to grow up with memories of cousins and grandparents.  So LOOKOUT.  We might be moving to Texas or Colorado.  He has two interviews set up in Pueblo, CO next week.  Exciting!!

3.  I have spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at houses on zillow.com and dreaming, trying to imagine us moving back to Colorado or Texas....

4.  It's that time of year!  Yarn, yarn, yarn.  Me loves.  Here is the right mitt I finished a few days ago.  The left one is still on the needles.

4.  Did you see that video of the Texas judge beating his daughter?  It was burning up the internet yesterday!  The mom in the video was one of my high school teachers.  It was appalling on so many levels.  Especially for me because I have so much respect for that woman (yes, despite the video).  She made a lasting impression on me (in a positive way) and it's hard to read so many comments on the internet about what a horrible mother she must be.  The mom and daughter appeared on The Today Show this morning:  click here if you want to see the interview.  Anyway, they are in my thoughts and prayers and I'd love it if you added them to your list too.

5.  Wow, this is random and totally inspired by #4.  When I was in high school, at the end of my senior year, when the school was giving out scholarships and awards, I got a very unexpected award from the teacher I just mentioned.  Let me preface it by saying that every subject had a "top student."  So, of course, the principal started with the smart people subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Calculus.  I did not get any of those.  Keep your panties on.  Then he got to the easy subjects.  When my teacher got up there to announce the "Home Ec Student of the Year," imagine my shock when she called my name.  ME!  Lee Ann!  The girl who does. not. clean.  Anything.  EVER.  I am the LEAST domestic woman you will ever meet.  I don't clean.  I didn't cook---At the time, I couldn't so much as scramble an egg.  I was like, "WTF??!!" as I walked on stage to receive my award.  My teacher whispered that it was because of the children's book I had written as a class project for her.  Well, that was just great, because I could hear my mom CACKLING from the back of the auditorium.  If you knew me, you'd be laughing your ass off back there with her too.  For my last few days of school, all I heard from my friends was, "Hey!  Bake me some MUFFINS!"

6.  Last time I got on the scale it said 155!!  Yay me.  

7.  I bought a pair of jeans at Costco the other day without even trying them on.  Gasp.  Hey, this is risky people.  I got them home and they FIT.  OMG.  You can take your panties off now.

8.  Those jeans were a size 12P and I think if I didn't have so much saggy tummy skin, I'd be even smaller because the jeans are loose in the butt and thighs.

9.  Family portraits are scheduled in a couple weeks and for the first time in YEARS, I'm excited about it and not dreading it.

10.  Well dang.  All I could come up with were 9 things.