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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

honestly dishonest.

What do you think?  Should I wait a couple of months and strap on some ankle weights and get my BMI up to 40 so I can qualify for this surgery?

I can't stomach the thought of regaining the 30 pounds I lost, plus 4 more to get to that magic BMI of 40.  I can't gain the weight FOR REAL, on purpose.  I just can't.  I can't go back to that place.  I'd have to stop working out all together and no telling how many cupcakes and brownies I'd have to shove in my face. 

But here's what I could do:  I could wear my skin tight workout pants under my jeans.  Put the ankle weights in the tummy part of the tights, so the weights don't fall out.  Then pull my jeans over the workout pants.  Then wear my thin fleece shirt looking jacket with inner pockets filled with weights.  The office has never once asked me to take off any single article of clothing or to remove anything from my pockets.

I'd have to "redo" the six month diet.  I could just "lose" an ankle weight every month.


My husband will not hear of getting surgery done in Mexico.

As for getting it done here.....He just finished a graduate degree so we just aren't in the financial position right now to finance it ourselves.  According to him anyway.  I think we can afford it.  But that's another post.  I'm tired of arguing with him.

So am I crazy?  Am I losing my mind?  I still have the one appeal that my primary doc submitted to the insurance company....no idea when I'll hear the outcome....it was submitted 1/17/11.  I'm still going to submit my own letter but in the meantime I'm concocting backup plans.  What do you think of this one?


  1. I think it is actually a pretty good idea! What do you have to lose :) As I mentioned, I was self-pay and there are places that come highly recommended in the U.S. that are a little less than $10,000. I know, still a lot of $. The ones I found were in Florida and in Denver.
    But also - can't you go for a sleep study and if you have apnea then your BMI only has to be 35.

  2. And you should ABSOLUTELY NOT GAIN THE WEIGHT JUST TO HAVE IT DONE! You have done so well and just need to keep it up!

  3. Thanks for your comment on my very first post - lol! I was "outed" about six months ago. I told someone I probably shouldn't have (she'd also had WLS so I thought she'd be discreet - wrong-o) and the news spread. I don't necessarily tell everyone who comments on my weight about the surgery, but sometimes I do if I think it might help them.

    I'm not really sure what to say about your situation. I can understand how desperately you want the surgery, but I don't know that I'd be on-board with attempting to trick the insurance company into it. As far as your husband goes, well, that's tough too! In a perfect world, he'd understand how much you want and need the surgery and would support you no matter what. Part of me wonders why you need his permission, but I understand that marriages work better when both parties consult each other on big decisions.

    Would he talk to other WLS husbands or attend an informational meeting? What about exploring the financing options for self-pay? I know there are several places in the US (Denver and Florida) that do the surgery for about $10K. I took a no-interest (if paid in 12-months) loan from MedChoice Financing. I just paid it off a few weeks ago.

    As they say, if there's a will, there's a way. I don't know where I'd be without the surgery.

    I told my husband in an email that I was going to MX for the surgery. I didn't ask him. I just told him I didn't want any criticism, but he was very supportive. I'm sorry you're running into so many brick walls.

  4. I did a self-pay in Denver for a little less than 10K. I think it was worth every dime (even though I am struggling right now). However, I also don't think that Mexico is a bad option. I was just reading one of our fellow bloggers yesterday that went to Mexico not only for her lapband but also for her plastic surgery. She said she much preferred the Mexican hospital to American. I wish I could remember who it was that posted it, but it might be worth emailing them (if you or I can find them) and having them talk to you and your hubby about their experience.

    Definitely do not gain the weight you have lost back! Keep working at it. You will get there eventually.

  5. Sounds like insurance fraud to me. I know you are disappointed, but I don't think lying is the way to get your insurance to pay for the surgery. Now to totally contradict myself, I'd put a roll of quarters or two to bump up my weight by a pound, but not 34 pounds of weight!

  6. i know i wish i could jump in time machine and wear jeans & heavy shoes instead of cotton capris and flip flops in august at my first weigh in. that's all i would've needed at that point. and then i wouldn't be in this position. :(

    or insisted they weigh me immediately when i called in july when i was 220 on my scale on home in the morning when butt naked.

  7. Hi...I agree with Susan & al, don't regain any weight for this!!!! I think the key is to document co morbidities in great detail.

    My WLS group has a lot of payment options. Could you volunteer to work part time or evenings to make the payments?

  8. Dude...I'd let you borrow Sheniqua if I could...

  9. Did I miss something? Did you get the sleep study? Because once I had that done, 35 BMI plus the apnea constituted an approval. I was under the impression that was somewhat standard. But the backup plan you suggest sounds pretty good to me. Not the gaining weight part but the wear some weights part...

  10. How about going to another clinic?? Sounds like this one isn't anxious to help!

  11. It sure is a terrible situation! I agree, that honesty is the best policy, but.... If it's a matter of a couple of pounds (not 30+), then extra clothes and a few rolls of quarters is fine by me.

    Don't gain the weight back! 30 pounds is so great- and so hard to lose without a great effort.

    Good luck, hugs, and all of my support to you!

  12. Please don't gain the weight back. I think a second opinion is in order - by a physician and staff who want to help you...

    Some extra clothing and a roll of quarters, cell phone, keys and perhaps a brick or two wouldn't hurt either! :) - just kidding!

  13. I agree with the majority, if it were a couple of pounds shy, then no problem. It sounds like your 2 best options are pushing the co-morbitities or self-pay with a payment plan.

  14. I've heard of people putting rolls of quarters in their pockets for initial weigh ins to get their BMI up so it certainly doesn't sound crazy to me.