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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

no problem lying now

Yesterday I felt guilty at the prospect of hiding weights on my body in the future.


I just got home from running errands all day and found a letter from my insurance company sitting in my mailbox.  Rewind for a second:  I opened an appeal on Jan. 18 in an effort to get the doctors at the insurance company to reconsider my request for Lapband.  The lady on the phone told me I had 30 days to mail in additional information.  So I started racing around trying to get my initial BMI corrected, yada yada, etc.  Well, NOW this letter I get in the mail TODAY, Feb. 2 is dated Jan. 24, says I have 10 days from the date of the letter (1/24) to submit additional information.


They wrote it on 1/24 and then held onto it and didn't drop it in the mail til 1/31.  So I got it with ONE DAY LEFT to write my appeal and get in any documentation.

I mean, really, WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These people are slimy.

So if, in the end, they deny me after all of my appeals are submitted and I try every single recourse, like sleep apnea, etc.---I will have NO PROBLEM being a BIG FAT LIAR because they are slimy and conniving.

This insurance company is in Pittsburgh and the mail here has a one day turnaround.  There is no excuse for a letter to be dated the 24th in writing and then not postmarked til the 31st.  WOW, how convenient on their part.

Besides, I don't see how wearing weights is anymore dishonest than gaining the weight back on purpose.

If my office had gotten me weighed in a timely matter instead of making me wait 5 weeks to step on the scale I would have been fat enough.  I was fat enough!!!!  

This is outrageous.

Oh and have I mentioned my husband works for this company?  He works for UPMC and that's the same insurance we have.  I'm so disgusted I could vomit.

Okay, I'll stop fuming and go work on my stupid letter.  When I called the insurance company a few minutes ago I started crying and the lady told me I could email it tonight.

Judi, a fellow lapband blogger emailed me late last night and it meant so much to me.  The world really!  She offered to look over a letter if I wrote one to my surgeon so this morning I emailed her what I had already written for my insurance company so far and she said she'd look it over for me tonight.  THANK YOU JUDI, you are the best.  I mean it.  The best.  If it weren't for her and for all of you guys I would feel so alone and so overwhelmed.  Actually, I still feel overwhelmed.  But you all keep me going.  So thank you all for the love and the support. 


  1. I do hope you get all of this straightened out, I can't imagine your frustration! Always here to lend an ear!

    Hang in there, fingers crossed!


  2. Wow, the nerve of some companies. I can't believe they're screwing you around. You should have told the lady on the phone about the balloon. :)

  3. I will send you some weights to wear as contribution on my part!!! UGH! Insurance companies just wear me out... I am so sorry girl!

  4. Good God - annoying. Hell - I say shove a bowling ball in your underwear and tell them those are just your huge ass cahoneys and they better not mess with you and your blog friends. We have your back!

  5. My WORD, Lady - that is just about the worst insurance issue I've heard of!

    You're in Pittsburgh?? I'm north of you, close to Franklin/Oil City.. I've been going to Dr. Ali in Erie - great office, very nice folks. I haven't been "approved" or "denied" yet - I'm still working on the hoops I need to jump through. If you ever need a second opinion I would suggest them!

    I'm behind you all the way - don't give UP!