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Thursday, February 10, 2011


After realizing yesterday that all I ever do is bitch and moan on this blog about my Lap Band experience (or lack thereof, ha!) I decided to say something positive.

So here you go.

I did a spinning class today for the first time in seven years!!!

Wow, I'm really proud of myself.  So far, I've done Urban Iron, Muscle Madness, Triple Fit, and now Cycling.  It's by far the toughest.  The others are a good mix of strength training and cardio.  But cycling is all cardio.

Luckily for me, I unwittingly chose a bike sitting directly underneath a ceiling fan.  Divine providence!

Despite a steady flow of air, my face still turned ten shades of red.

A few days ago, Drazil wrote about achieving her runner's high and how, before getting there, she hits a wall first.  She hits her wall after 20 minutes and then suffers for 10 minutes.  After that, she's as high as a kite and everything's peachy.

I had faith.  I believed her.

Boy, was I stupid.

First, my wall hit me like a freight train at minute 15.  Five minutes sooner, my friends.

But I had faith in this so-called "high."

So I kept pedaling.  

And pedaling.................

Wellllll, to make a long story short:  it never came.  The remaining thirty minutes nearly killed me.

To be clear:  I did not get high.  But thanks, Draz, for giving me hope.  That was something, I suppose.

I did, however, feel elated when our time was up and I skipped out the door.  Just kiddin'.  My legs felt like lead.


  1. I am impressed!! I want to try a spin class but not sure I would even last the 15 minutes. That is awesome!

  2. Take a bow.. you did it.. more than I can say.. but I did want to read that you got that peddalers HIGH.. maybe next time?

  3. This is so one of my goals and I am so flipping scared of it. Good for you my dear! Good for you!!

  4. LOL...you are a great writer. The most important thing is that you went and you finished.

  5. Good for you!!! And I still believe Drazil!! I've been there, but for me, it takes a while and my body no longer dying on the way there. Once I build up a little endurance, I'll start to sweat sooner - it's like my body is primed to go to where it needs to go. Once I hit the point where I'll sweat quicker - I know the high is coming. Keep going, you'll get there. I'm not there right now, but I'm chasing it.

    ps - I love reading you!

  6. Ha! I've never tried spinning but I hear it is tough. I never hit that high either, but I get it done anyway. Good for you for getting it done! :)

  7. Oh crap...I don't know if I should feel guilty you didn't get high or give you a yahoo for working out so hard to try to get high. You must keep trying...I tell you - once you feel it you'll know and you'll go every time just to try to reach it..it is amazeballs...and I would never lie to you cuz I love you too much!

  8. I do spinning too and I've never hit a high either. I also don't think it's just cardio because my legs get very tired. In fact today for some reason my calves were very tired. I am so happy when it's coming to and end and we finally slow down..............ah so good

  9. I'm too scared to take cycling so bravo to you!

  10. I'm sorry you didn't get your high, but it sounds like you worked your booty off, and that's awesome in itself! Keep up the great work, ladybug!