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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

damn you iPhone 3G!

I woke up this morning and emailed my nutritionist (Dave)---he works with Melissa* and he seems to have a soft spot for me.

My email was basically asking if he could give me a head's up as to what my "options" were...if he could pretty please tell me if he knew.

Around 4:00 my phone rang.  I recognized his number.  "Hello?"


[More silence].

Sh*t!  Before I could figure out what was wrong with my phone, he hung up.

This happened 4 times.

Each time, I tried holding down a different button---it looked like my mute button was locked.  And the "hold" button too!


I tried unlocking both of them.

Nothing was working.  He kept hanging up on me.  Argh!!!!

This happened last week but I fixed it by rebooting it.  Didn't work this time.

I called a friend.  I could hear her.  She couldn't hear me.  Bah!!

What a PERFECT time for my phone to crap out on me.  Damn you iPhone 3G.  Damn you!

Now I'm cursing myself for giving up my landline.  Whose stupid idea was that anyway?  Then again, this is the first time in three years I've missed it.....

My husband gets off work tomorrow at 3:00 so maybe if I email Dave my hubby's # he can call that line around 4:00 and talk to me.....

Regardless, I think it's time for an upgrade.  :)  Which...makes me pretty happy actually.   :D

Here's a pic of my iPhone opening screen thing-a-ma-bob---my oldest son when he was younger.


  1. I just upgraded to the iphone 4 because with all the software upgrades on my 3S (not even a 3GS) it was sooooooo sloooooooowwww. I think I could have set it back to it's original factory settings, but my 2 years were up and I am once again, madly in love with my iphone! Good luck!

  2. Post likes this make me glad I have a cheap phone. What an adorable pic of your son!

  3. I'm sorry your phone is being so poopy, I would loan you mine if I could! :(

  4. I use a BlackBerry, so far so good - love the Ipad though! I'm thinking of upgrading my phone when the contract is up, we'll see.

  5. Love the pic!

    Catching up here...your question...nope, my new practice is at West Penn Bariatric, Dr. Urbandt (great, nice Doc). At my UPMC seminar one of the nurses mentioned to me they were starting the 'balloon' procedure trial there soon (they blow up a balloon in your stomach and leave it in about 6 mo., not long-term, to help you jump-start your WL). I could lose some weight, it was keeping it off that was the problem (sounds like you can lose it too). Holding out hope they can help you get the Band still (If the only way to get it was to start all over again, I would have done it...not happily, but it's SO worth the long-term help I finally have).

    Oh, and Judi (Stories from the Road) and I are finally meeting next week for lunch on Thursday (I have a Urology annual appt. at Magee that morning). Email me if you want to meet up!