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Monday, February 14, 2011

went jean shopping

On Friday my husband got us a babysitter and took me to Nordstrom to spend the gift card he gave me for my birthday (which wasn't 'til today).

Desperate for a new pair of jeans, I headed straight up the escalator to the Encore (the plus-size) department.

Jean shopping is right up there with bathing suit shopping.  I hate it.  But it's an evil necessity.

Sidebar:  I don't understand why Nordstrom calls their plus-size department Encore.  When I hear the word "encore," I envision rock concerts with masses of people cheering until the band comes out to play one last time.  After all, it does mean "repeat performance," or "again."  So why is the plus-size section called Encore?  Is it because plus-sized gals made repeat trips to the buffet?  Is it because I ate yet another cupcake?  Or are they just patronizing me with the rockstar insinuation?

Sadly, all they had were black jeans.  I was hoping for a dark denim wash, but hey, when you're shopping in the ENCORE section, you take what you can get.  So, I tried on the 14WP jeans and they just didn't fit...sniff sniff.

Too big...I know, I know.  Cry me a river.

My husband reminded me I didn't even want black jeans.  Oh yeah.

But when he said, "Let's go over to the Petite department and see if they fit better over there," I was terrified!!

I mean, what if the little sales girls stare at me and think, "What is this fat chick doing over here in our section?"

Oh, the horror!!

I haven't stepped foot in the petite department in at least five years.

So, we crossed over to the *Regular* section and grabbed some 14's.  They fit a little better, too LONG obviously, but that's what tailors are for, right?

I walked out to show my husband.  The tiny little sales girl saw me and said, "Oh, let me go get you some from Petites.  What size do you take?"

.....................Uh.......um.   Well......she asked.....so I felt obligated to answer.  "14."

She ran off to get some.  I held my breath.  I was scared!!!  Of what, I don't know.  Rejection I guess.  From a pair of frickin' jeans!!!

She came back and handed me two pairs.  Both were the color I was hoping for!  Super dark denim!

I thought of my red balloon at home (still flying high y'all, believe it or not!) and said a little prayer.


They both fit!

Decisions, decisions!  Boot cut or skinny fit?  I just loooooved having a choice.  

Plus, they were $20 less than the exact same jeans over in Encore!  What the heck???

Turns out jean shopping for my birthday was enjoyable and put a smile on my face.  I think my husband was thankful our shopping trip didn't end in tears.....That's a first!......in a long time, that is.


  1. Oh that is so great. Jean-li-ness is next to God-li-ness...

  2. Awesome! Good for you -and Happy Birthday!

  3. What a fabulous day! Successful jeans shoppin is a big deal! :)

    Happy Birthday!!

  4. Wow! What a NSV!!! Congratulations!

  5. Terrific NSV!! And Happy Birthday to YOU!!! I am thrilled you had a great shopping day!

  6. Great NSV-a testament to your hard work.

  7. What a great NSV and on your birthday! You will need to post pictures!

    Thanks for following me! Michele

  8. Yay!!!! I can't wait until I can enjoy shopping again!. What a terrific NSV!

  9. *drools* Fourteeeeen.... :) I haven't seen that size in a LONG time. Congrats on your great work, sweetie! It's showing!

  10. Lee Ann! Catching up on your blog..... That is great news about 14's. I think I had to lose 140 pounds before I got into 14s!

  11. Okay sweetie....I gotta tell you.....YOU are gorgeous!!!! Honestly, I saw you IN PERSON and I I have to tell you that I am so jealous that you have no eyebrow droop. Yeah, I know the rest of the Lapband world is obsessed with the belly droop but since I can cover that with fashion I'm good on that (at my age, no one asks to see my midsection!). I have my fingers crossed that you will get what you need and want.
    No matter what....you and your boys are gorgeous!
    LOVE IT!