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Monday, January 31, 2011


Getting frustrated.  Last week I went to the bariatric office and got remeasured for my height.  My Nut Guy said my case would be resubmitted to the insurance company and he sent me off on my happy merry way.

I just called the PA b/c I got an email regarding my vitamin D levels that were drawn last week...and I pretended to not quite understand.......but really, I just wanted to get a status update on my case.

She said, "Oh, well, Dr. M has been out of town.  When she gets back she'll decide if we can resubmit this or not.  We don't think it'll make a difference because your BMI is still less than 40."




Who is Dr. M?

Because that's not my surgeon!!!

So I asked.  She replied, "The diet doctor."  

Mmmkay, the invisible doctor who was apparently supervising my six month weight loss.  Whom I've never met.   ? ? ? ?

This is so annoying!!!

The PA told me she'd have one of the Nuts call me back when a decision is made.  

Are you freaking serious?????

So right now I'm hoping some doctor, whom I've never met, decides my case can be resubmitted.  Hello---the first one they submitted had wrong information.  It should be a no-brainer.   

Trying to have faith.  My red balloon is still flying high.  



  1. WTF? I can't think of ANY good reason they would have for not re-submitting it. Can you make an appointment with the invisible doctor? Maybe if you can get in front of her. If not, just make a pest of yourself and call twice a day asking about it. Hopefully they'll re-submit just to placate you!

  2. OMG! I don't even know what you say, but wanted to let you know I'm still here, rooting for you!

  3. Can you get re-weighed, and wear your shoes? Try wearing a light weight coat with deep pockets filled with your cell phone, keys, a bottle of water, a small child...etc.? Just enough to get you to 40. Just a thought.

  4. Do you live somewhere where there is more than one bariatric center? I would try another one even if it meant driving farther away. They seem to be pretty uncaring at this one. I am pulling for you too. Keep the faith.

  5. Good God this is ridiculou1!! I'm sending good thoughts your way!

  6. Ahh Jeez - dont you love all the red take and crap you have to do before you even start. Hope Doc M has a brain at least. That might be something.

  7. I'm with Kathy - I think maybe you should be looking for a new bariatric doc - that place sounds incredibly incompetant..

    I'm rooting for YOU!

  8. Do you like your surgeon? That's all that really counts! I was lucky enough to find a whole PRACTICE that I love, including the office ladies. :) But I agree, if they're already treating you like this before they get their payout from the insurance, then just imagine how they're going to treat you afterward! (I hate to be a negative nelly, but I HATE offices like that!)

  9. Okay sweetie.....start eating like a crazy woman and get that BMI UP!!!! If I could gain 20 lbs in 2 weeks, I am pretty sure you can too!
    Then, start ALL OVER AGAIN with my surgeon:
    Carol A. McCloskey, MD
    University of Pittsburgh Physicians
    Division of General Surgery
    Magee-Womens Hospital
    300 Halket Street, Suite 5600
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213
    Phone: (412) 641-3632

    This is absolutely insane!!! Does not make sense!
    Good Luck!

  10. wow Im so sorry for all the crap u have to go through...I agree with the others tho...I would look for a new doctor