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Monday, January 17, 2011

my red balloon

Holy Helium!  I think this balloon has reignited my faith in God.  Don't laugh, I'm serious.  My son got this balloon on December 22 at a preschool Christmas party held at a Presbyterian Church.

We almost lost it.  As we were getting into the car that day, my son let go.  Somehow I caught it, amazing myself before realizing it was probably divine intervention (as opposed to my quick reflexes).

Aaaaaaaaand.....   Well....it is now January 17.  The red balloon is still afloat and kissing our ceiling. Just think--if I hadn't reached up and caught it when I did, there would've been a lot of tears and it'd be halfway to the moon by now.

Yes, I do believe we have a miracle on our hands.

Another Christmas miracle.  First, both my boys smiled for the camera.  (They are cute, you should probably click it).

And now this.

So cue me a heavenly Chanticleer song (click if you like acapella or just miss Christmas already).  

Most balloons fall to the floor overnight.  Not this one.  The ones we've gotten at Great Clips or Chick-fil-a sag to the floor by morning.  After I had my second child, that balloon survived an entire week.  But this one is different.

This red balloon is special.

I don't know what it's filled with.  At first I assumed just plain old helium but I'm starting to think it's filled with the Holy Spirit.

This balloon has kept on floating for 26 days!  It's a sign, I believe.  Call me crazy, my friends.  But this is God speaking to me.

Have you ever heard of a helium balloon living this long?  No, no.  Don't tell me if you have.  I want to go on thinking mine is special....

God is saying, "Have faith Lee Ann.  Trust me."

I'm desperately hoping this means the insurance company will approve me in Round Two. 

God is about to throw me a lifeline and grant me this surgery.  Right?  Right.

Or it could mean that the power is in my hands all along.  But I want surgery!  Please God, hear my prayer.  I don't ask for much.  




I'm trying to have it.

Not just the kind George Michael sings about.  I mean real faith.  I'm starting to believe again.  I'm starting to remember that my word for 2011 was dare.  I'm daring to have faith again.  It's a hard thing to do when you're spirit's been a wee bit crushed by the Insurance Gods.

But if a helium balloon can live for 26 days, who knows what can happen?  God is good.  That I already knew.  The balloon just reminded me of it.


So, when my two year old pulled the balloon to his mouth yesterday and grinned, "I pop it Mommy," I screamed, "NOooooo!" like a lunatic...

And by now you understand why I then grabbed a pair of scissors and chopped the string so short that he cannot possibly reach the balloon without asking me to fetch it for him....

Yes, I have gone a bit mad...

I will not have anyone popping my red balloon.



  1. I absolutely love this post! God is great, and if u keep the faith He will work miracles for u!

  2. You make me laugh and you make me smile. I hope everything works out.

  3. You make me smile too!! Great attitude my dear!

  4. Amazing post! I loved every word - thank YOU!!!

  5. This post touched my heart... without going into the whole story, the night before my GM passed, she talked about seeing red balloons at a party - that morning, my mom saw one driving home - and a few times since, when times are tough, a red balloon shows itself when God needs me to know he's around. Awesome.

  6. Lee Ann....
    Just lovely. This was an absolute joy to read (as are all of your posts but this was was special...maybe because my fav color is RED and I believe in signs and hope...) Although I don't comment often, I follow your journey and I'm so hoping you are approved!
    Go Steelers

  7. Love! :) Hope it really is your good luck charm!

  8. I would have snipped the crap out of that string too, girlfriend.