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Monday, January 31, 2011

hernia? not pregnant!

Okay this is bizarre.

Since mid-December it feels like I have a 28 month fetus kicking me on my right side, to the right of my belly button.  That's the only place I feel it "kicking."

I'm definitely not pregnant though.  I've taken a few tests just to be sure, so I don't look like an idiot again.

Oh yes, this happened once before.

Sidebar:  I found out I was pregnant with my first son at 20 weeks.  What?  How is that possible?  Well, before you decide I'm just as dumb as all those other people you see on TV (I am, actually) I'll shorten the story and just say the summer I got pregnant I was stressed out with a cross-country move from Denver to Pittsburgh.  Plus a friend's husband was diagnosed with brain cancer in May that year.  In August another friend was killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.  So when I went all summer without much appetite and with frequent crying spells I chalked it up to stress and a major life change with moving and all these life events.  New city, new house, new job!  Turns out I was pregnant and didn't realize it until I felt a "mass" moving around in my tummy.

But back to present tense.  I'm definitely not pregnant.  So what is this feeling in my belly?  I don't think it's gas.....I feel it in once precise spot.

So what is it? It's in the exact same spot every time I feel it.  It feels exactly like a powerful baby kicking, not like the beginning of when you feel a baby move---more like further in a pregnancy.  This does not feel like the gentle tap tap tap of the early fetal movements you feel.  Typically I feel this a few hours after eating.  I don't feel gassy.

Could it be a hernia?  What I feel isn't painful.  Could it be adhesions from my c-sections?  It seems a little high up to be scar tissue though.

I feel it as high as my belly button but a few inches to the right.  If it were a hernia, would I feel a bulge?  Would it hurt?  I can't feel any sort of bulge........


  1. Lee Ann - I have a major incisional hernia from my 3 c sections and it is a big bulge that feels hard but I it doesn't hurt and I don't feel "kicking". My surgeon said to wait a year to fix it and have a tummy tuck at the same time! I liked that response! Hope you figure it out soon and not in too much pain. I would definitely have it checked out.

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That same thing has been happening to me now for three weeks! Same thing! I asked my little doctor friend and she said it's from working out. It's deep muscle tissue that's spasming/stretching...getting firmer...down in your skin.

    I got nervous when I felt it...cuz...I was, like, every time I lose weight, I get preggers! ArgH! But...I'm also not pregnant. Not at all. It's just muscles. Cool, eh? You're getting toned!

  3. Weird. I have no ideas for you. Keep us posted!

  4. I get that sometimes, too!! How strange! I call it my alien baby, even though I KNOW I'm not pregnant. (Well, I haven't had any "relations" in months, at least, so I'm pretty sure! lol)

    I hope it's not anything to worry about, or else we are in trouble here.