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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

spy calculator

Found another cool app for my iPhone.  It's called the Spy Calculator.  It's a way to hide private photos and videos.....probably made for some XXX action but I'm using it to take photos of my progress.....and so I'll have no worries that someone will pick up my phone and see them.

This app (99 cent) looks and functions exactly like a digital calculator but when you type in your password (a numerical sequence), it will unlock your private photos and videos.

Pretty awesome.  I wonder if Tiger Woods had this app.

I plan on posting before and after photos on this blog, but right now I don't feel comfortable showing my face or my fat rolls.  Once it's gone I'll be proud to show it off.  :)  I took some pics this morning but I've already lost 15 pounds.  I'm still quite a chubster but I wish I'd taken photos at the very beginning.  I guess it was just too painful.

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