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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

new stroller

I've been pushing my kids around the neighborhood in my big double stroller but the hilly terrain is killing my back, shoulders, and wrists.  I have to hang on for dear life!  If a death grip is not maintained, my boys just might go flying down a hillside!

If I stay on city sidewalks, I'm fine.  But I get tired of listening to cars whiz by.  There are some beautiful unpaved trails in our neighborhood.  I can get down most of them, but it's killing me.  Some trails at the park must be totally avoided because it's just too difficult.  On occasion, my husband will watch one child for me while I take the other in my single jogger and it's heaven!!  I can go on any trail no matter how rocky, hilly, whatever.  Pushing a single is cake!!

So I just ordered a new double....a side-by-side jogger with bigger wheels.  Should come in 5-7 days.  I hope this does the trick.  My back cannot wait.

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