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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bariatric Card

Once a month, Magee Womens Hospital holds support group meetings that you can attend after a Module and weigh in.

The Support Group Meeting I attended on Sept. 8th just felt like an informational session comparing gastric banding to gastric bypass.  I didn't learn anything new.

The surgeon did mention one thing though.  She said after surgery you are given some kind of "bariatric patient" card to carry in your wallet and that some restaurants will allow you to use it to order off of the children's menu.  Sweet!

I just wonder if I'll be brave enough to use it.  

Then again....why do I care?  

Am I still in junior high?

What will all the other kids will think of me?

No.  I think I'm 33 and must remind myself that NO ONE GIVES A SHIT.

Was it Oscar Wilde or Eleanor Roosevelt who said it more eloquently?  Something like, "You wouldn't care what other people thought of you if you realized how seldom they did."  Wise words.

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