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Monday, September 13, 2010

iPhone app

I found a really cool iPhone app today.  It will log your run/walk/cycling workouts using GPS technology.

It tells you how far you walked, how fast, it maps your route, and records all of your workouts and saves them.  After a week or a month it will give you stats as to how many miles you logged.

Love it!

Just go to the app store, type in "map walk" and a list of apps will pop up.  This one is by Sprint.  It cost $3.99 and is well worth it.

Update:  September 19, 2010.  The app is great but I've noticed when it's cloudy out the GPS has difficulty getting a lock.  So I walked for an hour and didn't get any credit.  Well---that's not true.  My doctor has me wearing a pedometer so my step count was accurate on that.  Maybe just go with the free app like i map my run.

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