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Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm A Cheater

Don't call the Food Police.  I'm not cheating on bad foods.  It's just that I'm supposed to be on a full liquid diet for 3 weeks.  Nothing but water, protein drinks, broth, and popsicles.

Uhhhhhhhh.  What can I say?  I need real food.

I tried a scrambled egg about a week after surgery.  Actually, I've had an egg several times, but I can only eat about 2/3 before getting full.

Here's what else I've had:  greek yogurt, pudding, ice cream, miniature Oreos, a Dove chocolate square.  Oh wait, I just said I wasn't eating "bad" foods.  Well, I guess some of these aren't the best choices but I've decided from here on out, my motto is:

Balance, not Perfection.

So that's what I was doing.  A couple mini Oreos or ONE chocolate square is not going to get me back to Square One.  It's about moderation so I don't feel guilty considering how tiny the amounts were.  What's AWESOME is how little it took to satisfy me.  Not just the feeling in my tummy, but the feeling in my brain too.  Just a little was enough.  So I stopped.

Hmm, let's see.  I know I've cheated more than that.  Oh YEAH!  My husband grilled some salmon last week.  One ounce filled me up.

A few nights ago we went out to dinner at Salt of the Earth, a place here in Pittsburgh.  For an appetizer, my husband ordered some sashimi.  It was so good I had to take a picture for you guys after I'd had a couple bites.  It had "prickly pear" on it which looked like beet juice.  PLUS, it was sprinkled with fried tempera batter--which looked like Rice Crispies.  It was amazing and full of flavor.

Hmm, what else?  Fat free refried beans go down good right now.  As did my own homemade carrot soup---I got the recipe from Allrecipes.com a couple years ago.  My kids LOVE it.  All you do is boil 3 lbs of carrots in 6C of chicken stock, a stick of butter, 2T of dill, and salt to taste.  Then puree.  Supposedly, that is six servings but I halved the recipe and it lasted in my fridge all week with my kids and I eating it.

Malt O Meal goes down good right now but I'm not a huge fan of it (as is my 3 year old!).  

Basically, I have advanced my diet to what my surgeon calls "Phase 2: Soft Foods."

A few nights ago my husband grilled up some farm fresh corn and it looked SIMPLY DEVINE and smelled wonderful but I was too scared to even try a bite.  And oh yeah, he served that alongside steak!  I didn't dare try that either.

I'm still relying on protein drinks to get in all my protein.

Lovin' this surgery so far!

Feast your eyes on my sashimi.  :)


  1. Ooh, that is beautiful!

    I say do what feels right for you. I totally "cheated" like that when I was about a week out - no problems so far! I mean... I know we had different surgeries, but it's all the same idea, right?

  2. I can honestly say that I was not even game to cheat after surgery. I just kept imagining going back to my surgeon having stretched my pouch or even worse having the band slip.

  3. Love the new blog!!!

    And while I think that 3 weeks of liquid is a bit extreme, I would never recommend straying from your surgeon's protocol. Use this time to heal, the oreos will be waiting for you later. ;-)

  4. SOOOOOCUTE!!! Love the blog!

    I started with mushies a lot sooner then they told me too! I was just very very careful!

  5. I am with Sheila. You have a lot of staples that are healing. Please be careful and follow your surgeons protocol!

  6. I was too scared to cheat after my surgery but I did go to mushies a couple days early (I had 3 weeks of liquids too). However, pudding, ice cream and smooth yogurt was considered full liquids for me.