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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Part 3: Leak Test

Around 8:30 or so on Tuesday morning, they came with a wheelchair and whisked me off to Radiology for my "leak test."  The Wheelchair Pusher Guy went really fast and it made me feel nauseous.

It was easy.  Just some semi-nasty fluid to swallow.  I got to see my new stomach!  It was a cute little baby stomach.  Immediately after swallowing it, I said, "I might throw up."  But the nausea passed and I was fine.

Actually, there were many moments after surgery that I thought I would puke.  My mouth would start salivating and I would get the "little pricklies" on my arms---AKA "the five second warning."  So I would grab something to vomit into but then the feeling would pass.  Every time.

The only memorable part of my leak test was the guy asking me, "Wait...Do you have breast implants?" as he looked at the x-ray thingy before I did the swallow part.

Me, "No."

Him, "Are you sure?"

Me, laughing, "I'm SURE.  Why?"

Pointing at the screen, he said "See all that white stuff?  And that shadow?  That's what breast implants look like."

Me, "I'm breastfeeding."

Him, "Oh, huh.  Hmm.  I've never seen anything like that."

Aaaaand let me just say this guy didn't look young.  So really?  You've never seen breastfeeding boobs on your screen?


  1. How cool! "Are you sure?" "Ummm...I think I would know if I got implants. Thanks." Idiot.

  2. Hmmm...maybe some guy secretly drugged you and had implants installed without telling you? What the hell kind of question is that? LOL.

  3. Are you sure?- Ha, ha, that's great.
    I never had an x-ray to see my little stomach.