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Monday, July 25, 2011

Part 1: The Bowel Cleanse

After flying from Pittsburgh to San Antonio on Sunday, July 17, my BFF and I went shopping for a few hours.  It was the day before my surgery so I was on clear liquids only.  For lunch, I drank the broth out of Subway's chicken noodle soup (while staring longingly at her decadent slice of pizza).  Then we walked around the mall for a few hours, just trying to kill some time until our hotel room was available at 3pm.  July is the best month for clothing sales so we both found some great deals for our kids.

Before checking into our room, we hit Target and stocked up on my necessities.  Actually, "stocking up" implies that I bought a lot of stuff...alas, I did not.  I took all of your advice, Dear Readers, and bought very little.  One broth soup.  Three bottles of water.  Popsicles.  One protein drink.  That's it.

After checking in and unpacking, I got started on the dreaded bowel cleanse.  Don't worry.  I won't say much about it.  Our toilet was one of those "Eco" toilets.  It had two buttons for flushing.  One was labeled "Liquids," while the other button said "Solids."

About six hours after guzzling the magnesium citrate, I came out of the bathroom and announced that I was no longer sure which button to press.

The End.


  1. LeeAnn you have a way with words...you are very funny! LOL

  2. So glad I didn't have to do that!

  3. Hahah thank heavens I didn't have to do that. I softener 3 days pre-op, liquids the rest and I was golden. No bathroom marathons for me! But... I've had my share post-op! yech!

  4. LOL - well... I bet you lost a pound or two after that adventure!

  5. Oh my! Sounds like everything came out ok though!

    I had my surgery at UPMC Hamot, a very good experience. My team was the Hamot Bariatrics!

  6. How very appropriate to read this right now, lol! My husband has his VSG surgery tomorrow and is waiting for his magnesium citrate to kick in. I so remember the night before...yuck! Glad you came through ok and are on the other side!

  7. They wanted me to drink TWO of those...um...NO thank you! Acid is the only way to describe the feeling. NEVER AGAIN.