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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Part 2: Surgery Day

My surgery was originally scheduled for 9:30am but then it was changed to 1:30pm.  Ugh!  A longer time to feel famished and thirsty.  But at least I didn't have to check in until later in the morning.

So we arrived at the hospital promptly at 11:00am as instructed.

An hour later (this would be a sign of things to come), they finally came to take me back to pre-op where I changed into my gown and got hooked up to IV fluids.  By then I was dehydrated (and felt hungover) so I was thankful for the fluids.  That made my pounding headache go away so I could sit and read a mindless novel by Vince Flynn.

After reading some 250 pages, they finally wheeled me back to the OR.  Yep!  By then it was 6:30pm.


I'm not sure how long the surgery took but the first time I glanced at the clock it was 8:00pm.

Oh Lawd!  I was hurtin'.  That gas pain was terrible!  Personally, I think they could have done a better job squishing all that gas out before closing up my incisions.  But what do I know?  I'm not a surgeon.  My belly felt like a brick wall and I looked pregnant.

I stayed in the PACU (post-anesthesia care unit) for about 2 hours before they took me up to my room where my mom & BFF were waiting for me.

All I remember about being in the PACU is that I got in trouble for scratching my face.  My nurse, a man, got right in my face and said, "YOU ARE GOING TO HURT YOURSELF.  Scratch with your blanket, not your fingernails."  Umm okay.  Sorry dude.  I was kinda out of it.

While my nurse was wheeling me from the PACU to my room he said, "I saw you in pre-op and I wouldv'e never guessed you were a patient.  You're so pretty and skinny.  You were walking around and reading a book instead of laying on your bed, so I assumed you were the patient's family member."  Hmm, I guess the hospital gown I was wearing didn't give it away....   (but that was a sweet thing to say).

Speaking of "skinny," they weighed me in pre-op and I was 180lbs exactly.  That's not skinny when you're 5 ft 2...

So, he got me to my room and thankfully, it was late, so my mom and BFF didn't stay long.  I just wanted to be by myself because I was in pain and didn't feel like putting on a brave face for everyone else.

During the night, I only slept in one hour increments.  The pain would wake me up and then I'd decide to pee.  Every trip to the bathroom was a big production.  Before sitting up, I had to pull those massaging things off my calves.  Then, I got up, unplugged my IV pole, pulled my PCA line off and wrapped it around the IV pole, and drug the damn thing to the bathroom.  And, why, might I ask, am I ALWAYS the person that gets the shitty grocery cart that has a messed up wheel?  This dubious honor apparently applies to IV poles as well because every surgery I have ever had, I've gotten the IV pole that doesn't want to roll.  I nearly pulled it on top of me more than once.  My IV pole had six wheels and I'm positive at least two did not work AT ALL.


Around 4:00am my nurse came into the room and caught me in the bathroom.  She was like, "What are you doing??!"

Me, "Going pee.....?"  (Was it a trick question?).

I got scolded for getting up alone and for not measuring my pee pee.  Sorry!

And well, since I was already out of bed, she decided it was time to start walking.  Yep, at 4 in the freaking morning.

So we did a few laps around the unit.  She had me step on a scale.  187!  What the EFF??????

Seven pounds of fluid?  Are you kidding me?  That woke me right up.


  1. What an ordeal!! Glad you got through it all even if it lasted a billion hours longer than you thought!

  2. seven pounds of fluids and she was wondering why you were up peeing? there's your answer right there! Man, five hours late on the surgery, man oh man!

  3. 7 lbs.!?!?! Why on earth would they weigh you AGAIN??? Crazy!

    At least you have a great story to tell!

    My surgery happened HOURS after it was scheduled too. It was nerve wracking!

  4. Good lord! I would've been so annoyed by then. 7 lbs...crazy!

  5. My scale was up 5 or 6 pounds for a few days....not cool!

    I would have been SOO annoyed with the late surgery. Did they give you an explanation or anything?

  6. Stay away from the scale! You're in the healing phase now, any weight lost is bonus weight. The work begins when the healing is over. Best of luck to you!

  7. I would've been so annoyed by the nurse. Lol glad your doing btter

  8. Glad all went (sort-of) smoothly! Can't believe they would weigh you the morning after surgery, that's just cruel. I didn't weigh for the first time until about 5 days after!

  9. the gas right after surgery is insane isn't it! And all the fluids! How are you doing now?? Feeling like yourself?

  10. I'm glad its behind you! Let the weight loss begin!

  11. Some of your ordeal sounds VERY familiar!! I wasn't even supposed to stay overnight (long story) to begin with and I had the same pee situation. Had to get up every 30-45 min, unstrap the booties, unhook the stuff, etc. Luckily, they gave up on measuring after the first 4 times. :) Since I wasn't sleeping anyway, I started walking right away and walked right through to the morning. I really think that made my recovery go sooooo smoothly. Hope you are feeling better soon!