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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

tell me what i need please

Leaving in 5 days!

Flight is booked.

Hotel room is reserved.

Vitamins have been ordered.

Protein powders have arrived.  I went with y'alls suggestion of Click (both flavors) plus I ordered a variety pack of 12 Nectars from Bariatric Advantage.  I'll take my 12 packets of powder but will be leaving the rest behind (gotta pack light so the airline can't screw me over charge me).

Bought Gas-X (some of you swear by it; others found it worthless...).  Ehhh, it can't hurt.

I also have a shopping list for when I arrive in Texas (gotta stock my hotel fridge):
Protein shakes, lactose free milk, Carnation Instant Breakfast, low sodium broth, 98% FF soups (to be strained), sugar-free jello, sugar-free popsicles, bottled water.  Do I need all this?  Is there anything I should cross off?

What am I forgetting?

Ummm, I also bought this Blender Ball so I don't have to bust out my big fancy blender (okay, it's not that fancy, it's just heavy and takes up space).  But it got rave reviews on Amazon so I bought it.  See?  Isn't it cool?  It has a WHISK BALL in it.  Clever, huh?  I'm saving the excitement of trying it for when I really need it.  Will let you know.


  1. I have the blender ball - it works really well. Your list sounds good. I'm not sure how long you are staying in your hotel after surgery, but I wouldn't go crazy buying stuff for right after. You're pretty tired after surgery and you have to of force yourself to get stuff down (if you're like me).

  2. Honestly I never made it through a thing of jello. I think I ate the same little cup for two days. But I liked the lime best..no idea why. I did use GasX. That was the worst part for me..the gas in my shoulder. Also I needed some malox after a few days.

    But I really liked beef broth more then the chicken. Just had better flavor. I normally wouldn't lean towards beef!

    I am excited for you! You will be fine!

  3. I love my blender bottle! It looks like you have everything you need. Like Linda said--don't leave shopping for after. You'll be too tired!

  4. I couldn't handle much jello. If you're only staying about a week, you can probably keep a lot of it to a minimum. I barely ate anything the first few days...merely oz's.

  5. Good luck! We will be thinking of you.

  6. Sounds like you are set! Good luck with your procedure.

  7. How long will you be at the hotel? For the first 3 days after surgery, I maybe drank a total of 3 water bottles and 2-3 shakes over the course of 3 days. Don't bring a lot if you will only be there for a few days.

    I am so excited for you!

  8. Don't bring too much! You'll regret having to lug your suitcase around after surgery if its heavy! Honestly, I was there for 4 days after the surgery. I had tea, a couple of tetra packs of fruit juice (non citrus), 1 pudding, 1 jello snack pack and 2 of the small RTD Isopure bottles. That lasted me the entire time! Getting my fluids in was quite a chore!

  9. I agree with everyone else - make sure you bring some chapstick, though! :)

  10. The blender ball is a great thing to have. Enjoy the experience, don't stress and remember we're all ehre waiting for you on the otherside!