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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

more on cheating

So a few days ago I confessed to "cheating" by not adhering strictly to my 3 week diet of liquids only.

So now I need to explain myself a little better.  

Before I decided to chow down on applesauce, Malt O Meal, yogurt, and the like, I came across this post-op diet put out by Cornell University.  Check it out here:  Cornell VSG Guidelines.  

Honestly, I have no idea how surgeons come up with the diet they tell people to follow.  Some say liquids for "X amount of time," while others start VSG patients on mushies right away.  Even the flaky fish I ate was considered a mushy, so I didn't go totally rogue y'all.  I have no idea how much (if any) academic research is out there regarding the most appropriate post-op diet for people with the gastric sleeve.

When I came across Cornell's protocol (prior to my surgery), I bookmarked it in case I found myself hungry in the weeks following surgery.  

I certainly don't encourage anyone to follow this Cornell diet without discussing it with their doctor or anything, but I'm just saying that there seems to be no real consensus on what the "best practice" is for post-op diet with this particular surgery.

In my surgeon's case, he gives all patients a binder that's full of information for gastric sleeve, gastric band, and gastric bypass patients.  He gives us all the SAME diet.  Which I find strange.....

Anyhow, I've had no adverse effects from advancing my diet a wee bit soon, and I'm basically following this Cornell timeline.  But with that said, please know that I'm chewing everything for a LONG time and my 15 month old son eats FAR more in one sitting than I do.  This diet recommends 1/4-1/2C of mushies at any given meal but I can only have about 1/4C at a time right now.  It's amazing how little food it takes to satisfy me for hours on end. 


  1. Yep - I felt the exact same that my WLS clinic gave all their patients variation of the same diet for Band, Sleeve or Bypass. I wish there were some sort of concensus!

  2. Love the new layout!

    And I agree, it's crazy how much these diets vary - I wish there was a universal thing we could all follow post-op, but I guess since we're all different all of our diets have to be as well. :)

  3. I was so confused about what was allowed and not allowed I probably stayed on liquids longer than needed. I was afraid to put anything in there. I am 8 months out and still have trouble keeping some foods in there. Some days, I am too tight for liquids. Good luck on finding what works for you, even if it's not "by the books." We are all different! :)

  4. I think the big things about the diet is to allow the swelling to go down and for your stomach to heal. It's not so much about what WLS you had, but about the trama your stomach has been through. But you seem to be doing fine!

  5. I cheated on my post-op diet too. I was supposed to do one week clear liquids, one full and then mushies. I started mushies several days early. I survived and I'm sure you will too!

    There is tons of variation from surgeon to surgeon.

  6. I hope you don't feel like anyone was attacking you! We just want to make sure you're using due diligence, that's all. My doc was way more strict than a lot of other docs. Some people were on regular food as early as week. Every doc seems to have different rules so I don't think by using another doc's guidelines matters all that much. The important thing is that you feel comfortable.

  7. I have noticed a lot of different diets are given by reading different bloggers. Some even have to start before the surgery. I think that is torture!
    I say try to follow but you know your body best. I KNEW I had to eat something after 10 days instead of 12 on liquids; I did; I am fine.

  8. I always say that everyone has to do what is right for them. It seems to me that you are very well educated and you are making the right choices for you. 'Nuff said. :)

  9. It's weird that a VGS, Bypass and Band person would all have the same post-op diet when they are three totally different surgeries. I think you are making smart choices and following a recommended plan. you're not off binging on nachos and cheescake bars or anything. Just be sure to take it easy! :)

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