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Friday, August 12, 2011

NSV yet frustrated.

Just got from a family camping trip in West Virginia so I'm behind in blog reading.  First, I'll report an NSV (non-scale victory).

I've actually worn a bathing suit out in public (gasp).  For me that's pretty huge.  Honestly I don't like the way I look right now (30 lbs overweight) but I don't hate the way I look either.  So that's progress!

However, I'm totally frustrated with the scale.

I'm over 3 weeks out from surgery and have only lost 10 pounds.  The scale hasn't moved in 12 days.  TWELVE days people!!

I'm eating less than 1000 calories, usually around 600-800, still eating mushies, etc.  So WTF?  I mean seriously!!!  WTF.  

Not once have I gone over 1000 calories.  What gives??

I kind of regret telling any friends about having this surgery because in my imagination they are wondering what the hell is wrong with me, that I have surgery and still can't get my weight under control.

I mean, how is this even possible?

I even started going back to the gym!  I'm not doing classes yet but I went 4 times and did the elliptical for an hour before going on vacation.  During vacation I didn't even "splurge" because all I could really eat were protein shakes and water because I couldn't eat any of the food my husband grilled, like chicken and vegetables.  The only food I ate was a scrambled egg every morning for breakfast.  And greek yogurt in small quantitities.

Also, during vacation, we stayed at a KOA campground and did a ton of swimming in the lake and bike riding.  I also walked a TON and played frisbee with my 3 year old, which means I spent an inordinate amount of time fetching his wild throws.  

And.....nothing.  No weight loss. 

12 days, my friends.  This sucks.  

Here's my 3 year old roasting marshmallows.  Then the bottom photo is me (in pajamas) with my 1 year old, the only picture of me on the entire trip (my 3 year old took the picture).  Not sure why we are glowing heavenly white.....


  1. I know it's hard to think of it in this way, but your loss so far has been great! You had surgery at about 180, right? It gets hard after getting into the 180's and 190's. So it's gonna be hard to get the last 30 lbs off. And you've done great so far, so there's no reason to believe the other weight won't come off as well.

    Just keep in mind that you're doing all the right things. And maybe from going to the gym you're building muscle and that's replacing the weight you would otherwise be losing. It'll even out soon and you'll get back to losing, I promise!

  2. Your kids are too cute! OK...so here's the thing. Even at 230 lbs, after I had lapband surgery, I lost while I was liquids and once I went to mushies...totally stalled. I think it's your body adjusting and once I went to real food...fuhgetaboutit. It takes awhile for your body to realize what the eff is going on. And you're probably not getting enough protein just on mushies (I know I wasn't) so as you can eat REAL food and get REAL protein in, the weight will come off. Also..Once I hit 170...I've stalled again. It's a lot harder the less you have to lose. Hang in there!

  3. Lee Ann...you are 3 weeks out of surgery. Wrap your head around that before you start thinking you can't get your weight in check. 10 lbs in 3 weeks is 3.33 lbs a week! A perfect number! Trust me. If you lose way way quick your skin will hang. You are doing perfectly.

  4. Hi Lee Ann! I know exactly how you feel but the scale will move again...I promise! First, let me say that you need to also count the weight you lost during your pre-op diet...YES, that does count towards your goal. I just blogged about this very thing today. Second, when I had my 6 week post op nutritional class, one of the things that we were told was that this surgery and its results are like going down a flight of stairs. You'll lose a chunk and then nothing...then you'll lose another chunk of weight...then nothing! Third, at 2 weeks post op for me, I had lost 10 lbs.(total of 35 when you count pre-op...and once again, pre-op weight loss counts). Then my weight loss came to a complete stand still for almost 4 weeks...yes, 4 weeks. I was in tears and was starting to have some depression over it. I didn't think the surgery worked for me. Then in my 7th post op week, the scale started moving. In one week, I'd lost 10 more pounds.

    Hang in there! Remember, we didn't gain this weight overnight. I know it's hard as you're going through the stall but things will look real bright when the stall breaks. Here's a "BIG HUG" just for you!

  5. Another thing to consider about the scale is something called Starvation mode where your body hangs onto every single calorie. If you consistently keep your calories below 1000 every day, you are going to stall as your body tries to defend off the starvation that you must be going through.

    Try getting your calories up to at least 1000 every day for a week and you'll see a difference on the scale. I know it doesn't make sence to ADD calories to lose weight.

    What you can consider is avacado and olive oil (in cooking fish or chicken) to add in calories with smaller portions and good healthy mono unsat fats! Keep us posted.

  6. I know we had different surgeries, but I was a TURTLE slow loser at first. I saw all my bandster friends dropping weight like hotcakes and I about drove myself crazy comparing myself with them.

    DON'T DO THAT TO YOURSELF. It will only demoralize you and it serves no good. We are all differnt. We all lose differently. You have averaged 3 lbs a week. Embrace that honey! I would have killed for losses like that first.

    You are awesome, you are strong and just remember you didn't put on the weight overnight, so it won't come off overnight.

    If I, the ultimate turtle in the beginning can make it to my goal, so can you. I have faith in you, my friend. You need to have faith in yourself. And if you can pardon my french, screw what anyone else thinks. You are doing this for you...if anyone even says anything snarky, tell them my story and I'd be happy to kick their ass for you! :) MAJOR HUGS!

  7. Like everyone else has said- you need to think about this more clearly.
    1. You are BARELY out of surgery. It is a major trauma to your body.
    2. You are starting out where many DREAM to be. I started out at 230 and people were telling me I was small.
    3. Keep doing things the way they should be done and you will reap the rewards.

    I was banded on June 14, 2010 and it took me almost 8 months (yes, 32 weeks!) to lose 20 lbs. I was doing everything right but it just took forever. Every body and everybody is different. It sucks, but it is true.

    Hang in there and remember you have a ton of cheerleaders ready to help whenever you need it!

  8. I agree with what Cat said (big surprise that I agree with my best friend). I stopped losing weight after 2 weeks until I got my calories back over 1000.

  9. adorable pics of the kids! Remember that you are still recovering from surgery. Your body is pissed off at you! You have a lesser amount of weight to lose. It may be slower. Be patient. This is for the long haul. It's not a quick fix! Hang in there!!!