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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

officially not "obese"

Thanks for all of your encouragement after my last post.  Five days ago, I swore off the scale because it was pissing me off.  This morning, when I hopped back on, it was so happy to see me again that it told me I lost two pounds.  Not as much as I'd like......but....Yay!  We're friends again.

I'm not sure if I'm 5 ft 2 or 3 and since being 5 ft 2 no longer benefits me (ala BMI calculations), I will hereby go with the taller of the two measurements---so, ahem, I'm 5 ft 3.  Aaaaand, at 168 pounds that makes me OVERWEIGHT.  Not obese (good Lawd how I hated that word).  Woo hoo!

The nutritionist from my surgeon's office called yesterday to see how I was doing & feeling after progressing my diet to the second phase (mushies).  I feel great!  I hadn't thought about it until she asked, but I feel back to myself.  The first 2-3 weeks after surgery I felt rundown and had nooo energy but yesterday was the 4 week mark and I feel great (and have for over a week).

She asked if I was getting all my water in.  Check.  All my protein?  Check.  All my vitamins?  Check.  She said "great" and was juuuust about to hang up before I blurted out, "But I've only lost 10 pounds.  Shouldn't I be losing more than that?"

She said YES.  I should be losing more than that.


So she sent me some food logs to fill out and email back to her in a week.  I've been tracking everything with that app "MyFitnessPal," and I'm very good about being honest.  And my calories have been anywhere from 600-900 for the past two weeks (less calories before that!).

So I'm still perplexed but actually I've lost 12 pounds total as of this morning--not 10, like I told her.

I can't help but wonder if my body is hanging on tighter because I'm still breastfeeding my 15 month old.


A doctor that I saw back in March remarked that breastfeeding helps moms lose weight at first but the low estrogen of breastfeeding is similar to menopause.... ?  Something like that.

Perhaps that is to blame for the slow weight loss?

Perhaps it's that I only had about 40 to lose to begin with?

Oh well, we're down to 28 now!!


  1. Super jealous, but at the same time, really proud! You're doing great, Lee Ann. :)

  2. I was at a big weight stall at about week 3 and once i started eating about 1200 calories the weight started coming off. Maybe give that a try so your body isn't in starvation mode? Not that I really know if that is a fact.

  3. Congratulations on no longer being "obese"! Awesome accomplishment!

  4. You're doing so well..and yes, starting at a lower weight will make your weight loss a little slower than others but that's alright. It's not a race.

  5. Hi Lee Ann, you are doing great! Wow, you were such a 'lightweight' (to use a WLS forum term, haha) going into the surgery, I am jealous! :) You will be at goal in no time flat.

    I did have a long stall at about 3 weeks, it sucked. It sounds like your calories are good, and you are being honest with yourself which I think is the key to success. It's so easy to think you're not eating very much because of your tiny tummy, then when you add it up...you're eating too much to lose weight. Ha! But I am self-diagnosing here. :) You know all my ramblings about my slowed-down weight loss of late.

    I'll bet you are right on track and you will have lots of success. You crack me up, because I am 5'3", too, but my drivers license says 5'2", I have thought I was 5'2" my whole adult life...but when I got measured at 5'3" at the surgeon's and now that I am playing the BMI game, you can darn well bet I am wholeheartedly 5'3". :) Way to go!

  6. I agree that the fact that you had less to lose to begin with migh make it harder to lose it fast. It's great that you are working with your nutritionist. I'm sure you all will figure it out!

    But only 28 pounds left to lose. Girlie, that is just fantastic!!

  7. I think when she made that comment she wasn't realizing that you were relatively small to begin with. If you only have 40 lbs. total to lose, you've lost more than 1/4 of your extra weight and that is VERY good progress. You just aren't going to lose as dramatically as a taller woman with 100 lbs. to lose (like I was).

    I couldn't lose an ounce when I was breastfeeding.

  8. I agree, I think your doing fab.u.lous! Keep tracking and that scale will continue to be your friend. Right now my 'flat chested B*tch' and I are at war. I decided to shoot flaming canon balls at the damn thing. I hate that scale.