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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I was 215 at my first visit to Dr. R's office on August 12 (with clothes, of course!) to 183 this morning at home without clothes.  So, about 24 pounds if you remove clothing from the equation.  

Nervousness has set in!  Am I losing too much on my own?  Boy, what a novel way to sabotage yourself!  At my nutritionist consult on Dec. 1, my Nut. guy (that's short for nutritionist, he's not actually loco) reassured me that the insurance company goes by your starting weight & BMI.  He also reassured me that the insurance company goes by your beginning co-morbidities and since I had high cholesterol and blood pressure to begin with, those are still what they will use to make their decision.  I'm still obese, but my BMI is 33-ish, not 38-ish like it was.  That means I'm no longer "morbidly" obese.  Just plain obese!  

So, despite the Nut Guy's reassurance, I'm still going crazy and doubting the process, so I called the PA at my surgeon's office and left a message asking her if I'm somehow screwing myself over by losing too much.  I DO NOT WANT TO BE DENIED BY INSURANCE.  I need to know right now---that way, if I do lose more weight over the holidays, I can strap on ankle weights or load up my pockets with spare change, lead bullets, or God-knows-what-else so that the next time I step on my surgeon's scale I can disguise whatever weight I may have lost!!!

Two can play this game!

Well the PA just called back (after writing one paragraph!) and told me patients have lost enough weight on the six month diet in the past to be denied by the insurance company.



I was 193 at my weigh-in on the surgeon's scale with clothes on 12/1/1o.

But again, she said, "It's rare.  Usually patients are approved the first time, so don't worry."  She reiterated that I not gain weight, no matter what.


I'm just so scared of being denied.  I mean, I've been clinging to this idea since July.  Just the hope of getting banded has been a bright light that has kept me afloat.


  1. Hi Lee Ann--
    Greetings to a fellow Pittsburgher! Thanks so much for finding my blog and commenting! Now, I have to catch up with yours! Welcome to Bandland! I promise you that this is the best decision you ever made for yourself!
    Funny thing...when I read your comment yesterday, I had just made a trip to Trader Joes! Love that place! I work in Oakland so I try to get there to shop!
    Please be sure to keep me posted and feel free to ask me ANYTHING! I too had fears about losing too much weight presurgery--it was the first time ever I worried about that problem!
    Let's stay connected!

  2. I was boarderline when I started my process, and was nervous as well. The doctor himself told me that they would use my starting weight, and I lost, not quite like you, but I didn't have to do six months. Anyway, my insurance still covered. I wish you the best of luck! and drink lots of water before weighing in! ;)

  3. I was also just borderline when I started the process. My insurance used the beginning weight and Co-morbidities. Good luck on the approval process. I can be very unnerving!