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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Numerical Closet

Over the last few months a few celebrities have revealed their numbers.

Not just any numbers, mind you.  Their most personal numbers.  Their WEIGHT.

Back in September Kathie Lee & Hoda Kotb announced their weights on The Today Show's fourth hour.    It was refreshing my friends.  Like a glass of lemonade on hot summer day refreshing!  I expected Kathie Lee's weight to be something like 115 pounds.  It was 129.  I think she's 5 ft 6 but don't quote me on that.  Hoda is a little taller (I can't remember exactly) but she weighed 146. Here are two women that admit to weighing more than the cliche "120" pounds or less number.  And they both look fantastic.  Especially Hoda.

And I shouldn't leave out Sara Haines either.  Are you wondering who she is?  She's the girl who sits off to the side of their show scrolling through Facebook, reading aloud cute and funny comments people make......  She announced her height and weight on the show that day as well.  She is 5 ft 6 and weighs 143 lbs.  Like everyone else, she looks terrific and obviously takes good care of herself.

Then a few weeks or so after that episode,  Portia de Rossi came out with her book and announced her weight is currently 168 lbs!  I don't remember if she said it on Ellen's show or Oprah's (I watched both) but I made note of it on my iPhone so I could go back later and calculate her BMI.  Out of curiousity, you know.  Are you ready?  25.5.  Say what?!?!?!  .........In case you don't have the BMI chart memorized like I do, let me translate that for you.  Portia de Rossi is OVERWEIGHT (albeit barely, but still).  The beautiful, sexy, Portia is falling into the overweight category on the BMI charts!  Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger.

Okay, so first Jerome Bettis flunked the BMI test and now Portia de Rossi.  Well, that just proves this whole BMI chart is totally stupid.  Portia, if you are reading this---I want to be really clear.  You are not overweight.  You are gorgeous and I applaud you for coming out with your number and helping me realize that it's JUST A NUMBER and to stop judging my weight and myself---heckmy VALUE AS A PERSON based on this ridiculous BMI chart.

So, here's what these ladies helped me figure out by coming out of The Numerical Closet.  The BMI Chart is flawed.  It doesn't take muscle mass, bone density, or my disproportionately giant boobs into the equation.  So next time, when I find myself staring at 142 lbs (which is "my skinny" & a BMI of 25.5 like Portia) I'm going to think of her.  Instead of lamenting, "I'll never be perfect,"  I'll celebrate because if Portia can rock a BMI of 25.5 then so can I.  With the right outfit, hair, and makeup of course.  :D

Thanks to Portia, Hoda, Kathie Lee, and Sara.

And to the BMI chart---goodbye, I'm leaving you here in 2010.  You're not my measuring stick anymore.  To be more precise, EFFFF You.  

Happy New Year y'all.  :)


  1. Great post Lee Ann!!! Love it too.

  2. Even my surgeon says the BMI charts are bogus! Nice post.

  3. Flipping fantastic post! Made me really think about the goals I am making. I have made a "first goal" and then I went back and checked the BMI and was disapointed that it was still over weight! INSANE! I can go from being mobidly obese (I hate that word) to JUST overweight after losing 70 lbs! Nuts.

  4. Fantastic post! I hate the BMI charts simply because they do not make a lick of sense. If Portia is overweight I've got issues ;)

  5. So very true!! My Dr. office just started doing neck measurements when assessing BMI. They know the chart is poop. When I assess a wrestlers minimun weight class I take their skin pinch numbers from arm, stomach, and back, throw it in an equation with their weight and there ya have it. Not a big deal. But yet, as a whole we still go by height/weight. It's crap. Great post!

  6. This is a great post, I wasn't shocked at all when I saw that Jerome Bettis flunked. They really DON'T take anything into account. We can get cars to parallel park by themselves but we can't measure an person's body fat, muscle mass, etc. on an individual basis? COME ON NOW! America can do anything, why not update these charts - OR burn them all?!

  7. I so agree. I'm sitting just under 170 and wonder if this is where I should stay. My goal is 154 which puts me just under the BMI of 25. I agree-the BMI isn't a good measurement in my opinion. Just like the weights with two inch heels wasn't right 50 years ago.

  8. This is great research!!! You crack me up girl...I'm glad I found your blog.