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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Texas Texas, yee haw.

Ohmygosh.  I've been gone so long I don't even know where to start.

We have moved to Texas from Pittsburgh.  Most boxes are unpacked but we still don't have anything hanging on our walls.....in due time.  Yes?

My four year old asks me (almost daily) if we can go back to "Picks-Bird."  I told him when he turns 6 we'll go back.  :(  He really misses his friends, especially our next-door-neighbor's son.

Next week both of my boys will be going to daycare when I start working.  I don't know who is more excited about that---me or my 4 year old!!

When we first got here, our first priority was finding a suitable daycare.  After looking at 3 places, I was on the verge of tears.  The first place was my "dream" place, because it was next door to a gym.  I had this fantasy of hitting the gym straight after work before picking up my kids.  But after seeing the toddler room, I knew I had to let go of my perfect fantasy.  It was a tiny room---about half the size of my dining room, with NO TOYS.  Can you believe that?  No toys!!  Sure, the kids get shuffled around to different locations throughout the day but NO THANKS.  The next place was basically the same.  Small and cramped with too many kids.  The third place was okay but didn't take infants (important for later this year).

Anyway, FINALLY we found a great place where I feel totally comfortable leaving my boys.  Luckily, they will even have a spot for my third baby.  It's a faith-based program located inside of a church so there is plenty of space and tons of toys.  They read Bible stories every day and pray before meals although it is not affiliated with any one denomination (although the church is Assembly of God).  During the summer months they even have splash & sprinkler play and small wading pools for the kids to play in.  It reminds me of the Presbyterian church we attended in Pittsburgh.  I hope the boys will enjoy it, but, either way, at least my 4 year old is old enough to tell me what's going on if he's not happy.  He did great in Pittsburgh at both preschool and Parents' Morning Out, so if he doesn't like this place I'll know something is up.

Later that day, I had a CPR class to attend, as my license had expired.  It was at this old guy's house and I was the only "pupil."  Kinda weird.  But he was nice and his old buddy was sitting on the couch sipping coffee next to me.  His wife was in another room watching TV.  The man mentioned he does a lot of classes at daycares so I immediately asked him what he thought the best places in town were.  He rattled off three different churches and one was the place we'd chosen.  Hallelujah!

Okay, back to my weight as this *IS* the point of my blog.

After spending about 2 weeks eating fast food and living "on the road," I was so nervous to step on the scale.  I'm now almost 15 weeks pregnant and felt huge by the time I was able to weigh myself.

I held my breath and honestly expected my weight to jump from 144 to 152 because I just "felt" bigger.

In the past it was not out of the question to gain 5+ lbs after two weeks of eating out or eating food that was mostly prepared by the grocery store or at least easy-to-prepare-boxed-foods.

But nope, my weight was actually DOWN.  Not by much, at 142.5, but it has remained there for the last week.

Yay!  That puts me only 1 pound over my lowest weight since surgery!  My pregnant BMI (according to the app I discussed in the last post) is now 24.1.

Now I'm starting to have a fantasy that I'll be down to a BMI of 23 by the time this pregnancy is over!  Which means I can get up to 163 lbs by week 39.  At this rate, I think I can do it.  :)

My belly has started to pop out a little bit.  So I feel bigger.  I can no longer look down and see my princess parts.  Ahhh heck!  What am I talking about??  I could barely see them before due to saggy skin hanging over my c-section scars.  But I could see them.  Now I can't.

Yesterday I had to go for a physical & drug test before starting my job next week.  Standing on the scale feels so different now.  It's kinda like being naked in front of my husband.  I'm not exactly PROUD to be this size, but I'm NOT ASHAMED either.  That is just so awesome.


  1. LEE ANN!!! I was thinking about you last night and wondering how everything has been going for you all (y'all, heh) - so glad you posted today!

    What a relief about daycare - that's such a huge decision, and I'm glad you found such a great place, whew!

    Good luck going back to work!!

  2. Sounds all good.........welcome back...........I missed you!


  3. I am so happy and excited for you! A lot of stuff/change going on but you are in such a good place in your head, you will be ok!

  4. Congrats on finding a daycare!! That is such a hard task to do so I am super happy you found somewhere that makes you comfortable! And hey, faith based is a nice bonus!!! Great job on keeping the preggo weight steady!! This pregnancy is going to be awesome for you in so many ways!!

  5. Hey you're doing great .I'm so glad you found a daycare you like. Your story reminded me of how I found the daycare for my oldest daughter when she was a baby. It ended up being a church daycare too. I'm happy for you!

    1. Lee Ann sweetie! Today the skies in Pittsburgh opened up and cried....your city misses you and your adorable family!!! So happy to know you have settled in (well....except for the bare walls issue) and have a daycare situation you are comfortable with (what a blessing!).
      So happy I came here and found your post! I hope once your life ramps up with work you'll find a few minutes to keep up with your blog every so often. You know we are expecting to know everything...!

  6. I'm glad the move has gone smoothely and LOSE weight while pregnant and moving?!? That's amazing!

  7. Ah, I loved this post! You sound happy and excited. You've got so many changes going on - 2012 is a huge year for your family! Very cool!

  8. glad you found a daycare! and for the umpteenth time I am SO jealous you're there! and I'm not!! lol