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Sunday, March 11, 2012

New App

I love tracking my weight on my iPhone.  The day before my 35th birthday, I finally fell into the "normal" BMI category.....albeit barely.  Since then, I've gained 2 pounds and am currently 12 weeks pregnant.  My weight tracker app now shows me back in the "overweight" category.  BOO.  Hiss.

So I went to the app store and typed in "Pregnancy Weight Tracker."  This is what I found.  I'm putting up the picture because, as you can see, I cannot read the full title of the app!

It was $1.99.  For some reason, I had to have it.  This way, I can see if my pregnancy weight is "normal" or "overweight."  As you can see, I practically straddle the line.  Here I am, at week 12 weighing 143.  Now this app, hallelujah, shows me back in the green zone baby.  Yes!  By the hair of my chinny chin chin.

On other page in the app, you can track your weight as the pregnancy goes on.  So, as you can see below, I started at week 0, weighing 147.  That dot is in the yellow "overweight" zone.  But then, thanks to my sleeve, Strep Throat, and morning sickness, I lost 6 pounds not long after getting pregnant---putting my next two dots in the the "normal" green zone.  Then I gained back 2 over the next month.  It doesn't show as a "gain" on the graph because my BMI stayed even.....get it?  So if you're gaining weight on track, it will actually show a steady line across......

I say "so" a lot, I've noticed.  Please forgive me.


I played around with this app today and if I stay under 175 by week 40, I'll be in the green zone (barely).  Honestly, I doubt I'll be able to gain that much (knock on wood everyone!) NOR, do I want to.  My goal is 165 lbs or less---which is easy to say right now when morning sickness zaps my desire to eat 75% of the time.  BUT, when I do have the desire to eat---I can eat more, which I discussed in the last post.  And unfortunately, I know I'll get my appetite back in the second trimester, which is fast approaching!

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  2. Laugh! I can't read my own writing too closely or I notice little patterns that I use a lot. I wouldn't have noticed your "so"s :) It is going to be such fun to follow your pregnancy with you! And boy, are we the same size! I'm 5'3" and after a brush with gaining a couple pounds, I'm back to my low of 146. I very, very, very much want to hit goal (normal BMI) soon! (I know you know all this from reading my blog, but I am just sharing a little BMI-tracking obsession with you, haha). You are awesome and it will be a privilege to follow along as your pregnancy progresses!

  3. Replies
    1. Lee Ann......
      First, I have to tell you that YOU are a gorgeously glowing pregnant girl. Having met you a year ago...before your vsg journey began...it was absolutely thrilling to see how things have turned out for you. You are walking, shining example of what wls can bring to life and spirit. You stole skinny and now you OWN IT! Way to go!
      Second, thank you for getting us all together today. I was so looking forward to it and it was just what I needed to reignite my motivation and remind me how blessed I am that my journey has not only brought me weight loss (yeah!) but also real connections with the dearest people...like you! What a great lunch!
      As much as today was a "good bye", it was also a HELLO! So, let's remember the HELLO! I'm sooo looking forward to following your Texas journey and all the wonderful things you have in front of you! You might have taken all of your belongings and left Pittsburgh...but you've left behind a piece of yourself with us! And, I know you will never forget this fair city!
      Wipe your tears and go forward with JOY!
      P.S. Thanks for taking a moment to share your thanks with me for helping out with your letter. But, as I drove back to the office and reflected on it, I recalled that I didn't even change your letter--I just read it!!! Even though I just saw it as a small thing that I did, I could tell from your emotion that it was a big thing to you. How sweet you are. It's another reminder that the small things are sometimes the big things!

  4. I'm not going to tell you to eat whatever you want whenever you want but try to enjoy your pregnancy and not get too caught up in the numbers. Your sleeve will help you lose any weight you gain during your pregnancy. Try to enjoy this time.

  5. Why couldn't you tell me about that app when I was first pregnant?? Lol. I am hitting the eighth month this Friday, so I have already gained a lot of my weight, which thankfully has not been that much! I did loose muscle tone though :( oh well we will fix all of it after babies!! Enjoy your pregnancy!!