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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pregnancy = Less Restriction

So.....what have I noticed so far?

Before I was pregnant, I had great restriction.  I could eat one small slice of pizza (thin or hand-tossed, NOT pan) or half a kiddie hamburger.  And maybe 5 french fries (at the most).  I know, I know, these aren't great food choices, but I'm purposefully choosing those foods to report because everyone knows exactly what kind of serving size I'm referring to.

NOW that I'm pregnant, I can eat more of everything, without getting uncomfortable.  I can eat almost two small slices of pizza or the entire child-sized hamburger (not all of it, but almost).  Still, not huge portions.....but the fact that it's almost double---that concerns me.

When I'm at home, I feel like I'm managing this newly found hunger pretty well.  It means I eat more fruits and veggies---which is a good thing.  But, it takes more effort to make good choices when faced with said hunger.  Especially when I'm out in public, at a friend's house, or at a restaurant.  And that's kinda scary for me.  Again, I'm still at only a 2 pound gain over my lowest weight.  But still.  It's scary for me.

Over the weekend, I went to a child's birthday party and ate 5-6 baby carrots with hummus.  One strawberry.  Several grapes.  Three chunks of pineapple.  A small slice of pizza.  And finally--a slice of birthday cake.  Before getting pregnant, there is NO WAY I would've:

a) been hungry enough to eat that much (especially because pineapple is so filling in a sleevie tummy)
b) had room in my sleeve to consume that much if I'd wanted to

At first I wondered if this "phenomenon" was in my head.  Am I simply guilty of giving myself "permission" to eat for two?  OR---is it simply that I'm getting further and further out from surgery?  After all, my surgeon did say that my sleeve would allow me to eat 1/4C in the beginning but that my sleeve would stretch over the course of a year to accomodate 1C of food in one sitting.  So hmmmm.

After contemplating these possibilities for a while, I googled.  

Last night, I came across this video: here.  This is a woman who had VSG and reached her goal weight before getting pregnant.  She reported this SAME issue (less restriction while pregnant) but happily reports that after she gave birth, she IMMEDIATELY returned to her former level of restriction.  

After finding that video, I felt somewhat relieved.  It feels great to know I'm not the ONLY person out there who feels like my restriction is less.  So maybe it's not my imagination.  AND, like the gal in the video, I'm hoping to get that restriction back after the pregnancy is over. 


  1. Wow, Lee Ann, what a year this is going to be for you! And after such a great year last year, too!!

    I'm just catching up (and emerging from the pain meds, woo hoo) and have to say that:
    1) you look mahvelous
    2) your kids are adorable
    3) even your US is adorable :)
    3) that KITCHEN! wow!
    4) and a JOB to boot!

    Not sure we'll get to meet before you leave the 'burgh, but I kinda hope so. If not, know that a piece of the burgh will always be with you :)

  2. Hmm, maybe I'm pregnant, too...I sure have been eating more! I think it's part mental and part physical. I know for sure when I hit the one-year post-op mark, my attitude got much more lax. I'm fighting to get it back in gear! But your body does change, and your sleeve does change, and as a pregnant woman, you will need more food! Keep making good food choices and you'll be fine!

  3. I dont know about being pregnant with the Sleeve but I do know that for about the first 6 months, I was eating about 1/4 - 1/2 cup at a time and now I can probably get 3/4 cup in and I am 9 months out. It may be something to do with your pregnancy and the fact that you can eat a liitle more now and its happening at the same time.

  4. Interesting...I think that you are right in that you can eat more now than you did right after surgery AND being pregnant gives you more appetite. I can't imagine getting pregnant now that I am at goal. I know gaining weight, even for a healthy pregnancy, would mess with my head! Congratulations and keep posting!

  5. what an interesting post leeann! did you ask your doc if maybe he's had other patients of his experience the same thing? I can't watch the video cause my connection at home sucks... but i am glad you found someone else that had the same deal. how funny, hormones can do SUCH weird things to our bodies!!

  6. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! Such wonderful news. You look fabulous. I just think there is no easy solution and whether you have the band or sleeve you still need to be conscious of what you are eating and work hard as you have done!

  7. Thank you for posting this!! I was wondering if I'm going slightly crazy over here too. My pouch csn.def hold more food now that I'm pregnant. I have only gained like 10# since the beginning of this pregnancy (7 months ago) but I feel like I am eating way morr. I am going to have go pojr over your blog and see what you.ve been doing7! There's not a lot of pregnancy wls people out here in blogland!!