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Thursday, September 22, 2011

ten things thursday

Ack!  Sorry that last thing published.  My list was getting depressing so I chopped off all the HIGH DRAMA BULLSHIT and put it in a new post (so I wouldn't lose it) and accidentally hit publish.  Sorry.  No one wants to read my family drama.  Trust me.  So here are my ten things.

1.  No worries my friends.  I know not to lie to the life insurance people.  Just to be clear---I already have life insurance--- we opened the policy 7 years ago when we bought our first house.  So I'll just keep my old policy.

2.  My husband and I had a FABULOUS freakin' time in Buffalo, NY last weekend for the Buffalo Bills game.  It was a perfect day.  Gorgeous weather.  An exciting game.  They even won, wow, imagine that.  The Bills are 2-0 this season which is proof that miracles do happen.  If they can win a game, I can lose weight.    

3.  I'm more than halfway through knitting a scarf for my husband.  I bought this yarn well over a year ago and I'm FINALLY getting around to making it.  Yay me.

4.  When people ask my husband if he's half black, he says, "From the waist down, yes."  For the record, his mom is white and his dad is from the Middle East.  And as he says, "I'm not half anything."

5.  Someone broke into my car a couple weeks ago and took two iPods, all my cash, and my quarters for parking meters!  Assholes.  My old iPhone worked like an iPod touch after I upgraded to a new phone.  It's kind of tragic for this WLS blog because I had some unflattering pictures of myself on them BEFORE I lost any weight.  I was in my undies and sports bra.

6.  I hope the thief chokes on their food when they view those pictures.

7.  Just kidding.  I had put the pictures into an app called Spy Calc.  The app looks just like a calculator.  When you click on it, a calculator opens.  You can't see any private photos or videos unless you type in the secret code.  This is free!

7.  I'm sure you're all super disappointed you won't be seeing me in my 215 pound glory wearing not-mucha-nothin'.

8.  My 3 year old son totally humiliated me this morning at the gym.  There's a little shop of UnderArmour clothes with mannequins.  He pulled the mannequin's pants down before I could stop him.  When I got over to him, he explained, "I just wanted to see his butt Mom."  Why me?

9.  I woke up at 6:00 am and decided to get up early, read blogs, and sip coffee.  It didn't last long.  Both of my boys woke up by 6:20.  Sigh.  That's okay.  One day they will be grown and I'll be wishing for my sweet chubby cheekies to snuggle.

10.  If you tell me your name I'll add you to my Facebook so you can see more pictures (like our Buffalo Bills pics).  I wish I could add photos to this blog straight from my phone (like on FB!) but I'm too lazy to connect my phone, upload the pics, then publish it here.  Is there an app for that?  Can you publish pics from Blog Press on your phone???  Anybody know?


  1. Ooh, ohh, add me. I love pic-chas. My reaaaal name is Rh0nda Se@ls. LOL Well, without the zero and at sign. ;)

    Glad you had such a good time in Buffalo, and that they won. That DOES seem like a miracle!

  2. Bills=winning team. Something smells fishy to me!

  3. I come from a long line of Buffalo Bills fans, but I gave up on them by the end of the 90's. My inlaws are Detroit Lions fans. Yeah, we scrape the bottom of the barrel in our house!!!

    look for me on facebook at Stephanie Terry Joy