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Friday, September 16, 2011

Okay, okay Ronnie!  I'll get off my lazy blogging ass and write a freakin' update.  (Thanks for making me feel loved Ronnie).   Warning:  There is a total overshare in the last paragraph so you might oughtta skip it....don't say I didn't warn you.

So, how am I?  And what is it like having VSG?

It's been 8 weeks since surgery.  I've lost 17 pounds.  That puts me at 163.  I still want to lose 20 more pounds.

Some of you have urged me to count what I lost on my "pre-op diet."  Uhhh, well, that was supposed to entail 2 weeks of protein shakes for breakfast & lunch and one lean protein & veggie for dinner.  So let me confess right now that I only lost 3 pounds on my pre-op diet because I just didn't follow through with it.  I tried, but keeping up with two little kids (and breastfeeding!) on that little was a NO GO.

Here's what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast:  1 scrambled egg, 5 grapes
Lunch: 2oz tuna fish, mixed with 1T of light mayo.  one slice of whole wheat bread.
Snack:  half a protein bar (Clif's builder bar)
Dinner:  2/3 of a grilled chicken breast & sauteed broccoli (1/2C)
Snack: chobani greek yogurt.  Have you tried the lemon flavor?  Mmm.

Total:  919 calories

I'm kind of concerned about not getting in as many veggies as the food pyramid calls for but......oh well, I guess that's what vitamins are for.

Today so far:
Breakfast:  coffee with 1T half n half, 1 scrambled egg sprinkled with cheese
Lunch: hubby took me to a breakfast place and I had grit cakes with chorizo gravy.  It was so good.  I ate about 1/4 of my plate.

Before surgery, these amounts of foods would have NEVER satisfied me.  But now I feel fine.  I eat a meal and don't get hungry until the next meal.  That's pretty amazing for me.

I wish I was losing weight faster, but I'm not, so I'm trying to accept that.

Despite the slight disappointment regarding the slowness of losing this weight, I'm SUPER happy with how I feel after surgery.  I'm not starving.  I'm not thinking about food 24/7.  I no longer feel like I'm "white-knuckling it."

From reading other VSG blogs, I've noticed that some people can't enjoy spicy foods, ice cream, or junk food after surgery.  Let me tell you though---for better or worse, I CAN.  I can eat ANYTHING without suffering ill effects.  I can eat ice cream.  I can eat chips, candy, whatever.  I have to avoid these foods because they DO NOT MAKE ME FEEL FULL.  At all.  If I wanted to eat that junk, I totally could.  All day long.  Protein fills me up quickly and will "stick," so I have to do my part and eat that first.  Once I do that, I can't get much else in.

So it's up to me.

My gym routine:  I've been doing spin classes, the elliptical machine, and strength training classes.  I go at least 4 days a week for an hour.  Monday I did a kickboxing class and had fun.  :)

And!  That morning it was so hard to make it to that kickboxing class.  The Fat Gods were totally conspiring against me.  They got my youngest son to smear oatmeal in his hair during breakfast.  Then, of course, the Fat Gods hid my 3 year old's shoes!  So we had to do conduct a full-scale archeological dig to find them.  Despite these hurdles, we got to the gym with a  few minutes to spare, but then I went to the bathroom and discovered my TOM had come a few days earlier than expected.  The tampon machine was empty.  For about 5 seconds, I considered leaving the gym all together, but, well ladies, I did what I had to do.  I wadded up some toilet paper, stuffed it in my pants, and said a prayer.  (Oh please God, don't let this fall out my pant leg like that time on the bus in 9th grade).


  1. OMG...chorizo gravy and grit cakes. I need it!

    I have so done the same thing with toilet paper before!! PRAYING..STAY THERE!

    Glad to hear from you! 20 more lbs is nothing and you will be there soon. Tell me the same cause I have about 30 more that I would like to lose.

  2. Seriously - I think we've all been there with the TP and a prayer.

    You are doing so amazing. I think the biggest thing about WLS with me, and sounds similar with you, is that the consuming food thoughts and amounts are gone. I'm so happy you're able to feel satisfied with your portions. I feel so empowered when I can sit back and think, "Yeah, that's enough for now!" Go you!

  3. I totally would've bailed after that. Bravo to you for sticking with it!

  4. lol we've all been there sister!! ain't no shame!! LOL i guess my underwear is always tight enough on my big ol ass I don't have to worry about TP stragglers escaping!! hahaah

  5. I, like all these other ladies, have had that happen before. It just makes it worse that it's like 1 ply paper in all the places we inevitably wind up in during these times, so you have to use HALF of the roll. Hate it.

    Also, 17 lbs? That's like 8.5 lbs per month - pretty damn good for someone 163 lbs! I agree with Amanda, that other 20 will be off in no time. :)

  6. Doing a great job - I am a believer that slow loss is better - but that might just be because my loss has been fairly slow too!!

    Keep up the great work :)