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Friday, September 16, 2011

i'm a BFL

BFL.  Big Fat Liar.

So this morning my husband and I met with our financial planner.

We had lots to discuss.  One thing was seeing if he could get me a cheaper rate on life insurance than what I'm currently paying.  So he had to ask me a few questions.

Gained or lost more than 10 pounds in the past year?  


How much?

48 pounds.  (Wow!  I hadn't realized how close to 50 I was!!)  

He went through several more pages of medical questions.  Blah blah SNORE.  Then, he asked, "Have you had any surgeries in the last year?"


My husband raised his eyebrow.

I glared back.

He didn't out me.  (What a smart SMART man).

...........................................so?  Why'd I lie?....................

I have no idea.  I regretted it instantly.  But then, what was I supposed to do?  

Say, "Oh yeah, I just remembered I had weight loss surgery two months ago?"


I don't know why I did that!!!

I guess in that instant, I didn't want to be judged.  I didn't want him to think it was ALL surgery because DAMMIT, I lost over 30 pounds before surgery!!!  But the reality is that I could not be at the weight I'm at today without it.  I know that.  I'm ashamed of myself for lying.  That's not me.  

And now, when he calls to give me a rate, I'll just have to say, "No thanks" to whatever policy he comes up with because I'm a BIG FAT LIAR.

Intead of maybe saving myself some money on life insurance, I lied.  Ugh!!!  Can I have a time machine?  I need a do-over.


  1. Oh Lee Ann! I know how you feel. I haven't lied to an insurance guy yet but I have told a fib or two elsewhere. One person who ask how I've lost my weight, I might tell them everything BUT leave out the part about surgery. Then the next, I tell them everything. Now, I feel like I have to tell everyone the whole story because I can't remember who've I told one thing and who I told the other! Ha! That's what I get! Sigh....

  2. Ugh. Yeah...you'd hate to get the insurance and then have it null and void if something were to happen.

  3. Oooh, I totally get that. I've only told 7 people about my surgery in my personal life. Everyone else I just tell them about the 6 days of exercise, the increased protein and decreased carbs and water. It probably is best though to either clarify or get another agent. As Manda said, you'd hate to have the policy be void if something were to happen. :(

  4. I've found myself lying about these things, too. (I hate myself after, but it's life!) But I agree, don't follow through!

  5. Sometimes we speak first and think after. I do and I always regret it. It sucks but there are plenty more insurance agents out there.
    I understand not wanting to take away from what you have accomplished by talking about the WLS.

  6. Just catching up...you're doing GREAT GF!!! So proud of you!!! Too funny about the TP (last post)...been there...done that!!! Let's get together again soon!

  7. Well he probably didn't have the best rate anyway!! 50lb's! Be proud lady!

  8. I can't say that I haven't wanted to lie about it - I think we've all been there!!

    The more time that passess the less I seem to care about what people think - I am finally understanding that noone can judge me unless I let them :)

  9. Congrats on almost -50 (and you SHOULD be proud of how much you lost PRE-surgery!) I hear you on the lying...I figure if someone asks how I lost weight and I don't want to discuss my surgery with them I say "high protein, low carb, tons of exercise, water" and if they don't say, "DID you have surgery?" then technically it's not a lie. But yeah to the insurance agent, I probably would have told the truth. Just like if you say you haven't had a ticket to the car insurance people, they WILL find out with their little spy network. I know the feeling of not wanting to be judged though, I know that well.

  10. 50 lbs is amazing. I completely understand your hesitancy regarding "talking openly" about surgery. You are doing great. You look beautiful.

  11. Unfortunately, if it ever came to pass that you failed to mention the surgery, your policy would be voided. It's like people that get homeowners insurance and don't say that they have a dangerous dog breed or a trampoline. Those two things will raise your rates due to the increased liability, but if you don't mention them and then there is an injury, they will not pay out. Same with life insurance. You can say you're a non smoker and then boom you get diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. You've been paying into something and will get no benefit. Yeah it sucks, but you have to be upfront.

  12. Someone asked me the other day how much weight I lost and how.. I really wanted to lie also..and if it werent for my coworkee sitting next to me, I may have. I didnt want them to judge either. As if somehos I hadnt earned it. People are still ignorant when it comes to wls!

  13. Ahh-- just call the guy and fess up. Much easier to do by phone anyway, and you can tell him that you are private about the surgery and gave your knee-jerk answer and were too embarrassed to correct it while you were there. Don't worry about it for a second!