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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Several things on my mind today:

1.  I've lost two followers.  Sniff, sniff.  What did I do?  Was it something I said?  I thought we had something good going.  Was I boring?  Was I whiny?  Did I bitch too much?  Was it the F word?  The mama drama?  Did I go off on too many tangents?  

2.  Spring is in the air!  Hooray, hooray.

3.  This morning I was outside chilling with my friend (she lives next door) while our kids played in the yard.  Her husband is a plastic surgeon resident and next year he'll finish his residency.  She mentioned that he could do a tummy tuck for free after he finishes his residency next June (2012).  I'd just have to pay the OR fees, etc.  Basically, he wouldn't charge me his surgeon fees.  Sweet!  I wonder if my husband could do the anesthesia.  Then it'd be even cheaper.  :)

So, now I can't complain that nothing ever goes my way!!!  I do wonder, however, if my sweet friend ran this idea by her husband first or if she just volunteered him without consent!!!  LOL.  Perhaps I should volunteer my husband's services for free one day.  A barter and trade kinda deal.  :)  I'm sure he wouldn't mind.

Really, I just want a tummy tuck when I'm done having babies AND after I lose another 30 pounds.  We might want one more child.  Actually I do want one more, but there are days when I question my sanity for even considering it.  My husband isn't sure if he wants a third or not.......

But I definitely want a tummy tuck someday.......and perhaps a breast reduction but that depends on whether I have a third child or not.  If we decide to have a third---I'll quit breastfeeding & get them reduced.  Then have one more baby.  If I don't have another baby, I'm just going to keep BFing and never bother with getting them reduced because lactation is the only thing I've found that controls my bladder pain.

4.  OH!  And, by the way---thanks for the suggestions regarding IC & possible birth control, etc.  Yes, I have tried staying on the pill continuously and skipping periods and that did help a *little* bit.  But there is something magical about lactation.  My OB said that pregnancy and lactation blunts your immune system so that your body doesn't reject your baby.  He believes that IC is an autoimmune disorder.....Therefore----he thinks the reason lactation is so beneficial to me is because my immune system is suppressed and my body is not attacking itself like it normally does.  If that makes sense.

5.  Hmmm, well, it seems like I had a lot more to say but I have the attention span of a gnat.

6.  Yes, I know what it was!  I'm trying to win the LOTTERY.  Yes friends, so keep your fingers crossed.  I will not win MONEY, mind you----it's not that kind of lottery.  All I want is a preschool slot for my son.  There aren't enough slots for everyone----so you have to be LUCKY and win.  And then he can go to preschool and I will have 6 hours---SIX HOURS---with just me and the little guy---who takes naps.  Do you know what that means?  That means I will be able to read and blog more.

7.  I'm thinking about applying for a job next school year with the school district.  The company I used to work for before used to have a contract with this school district----which means they probably paid ridiculous amounts of money for each therapist on a per hour basis.  Which means they would probably hire anyone who walks through the door just so they can avoid paying those high contract fees.  Which means that perhaps they'd be willing to hire me---even if I only want to work one or two days a week.

I would love to work just a little bit.  I miss working.  :)

Gotta run!  Little guy is stirring.


  1. I love following you! :) Good luck on the pre-school placement. Fingers crossed!

  2. I've had a TT and a breast reduction - both very worth it! Good luck!

  3. I bet that your two lost followers probably just cancelled their blogger accounts and that it didnt have anything to do with you! So no worries. Dont stop cussing. I likes it!

  4. I'm so jealous of the free tummy tuck! When I hit goal, I want a tummy tuck, breast lift and arm lift/lipo (Not sure what it would be). There's no way I could afford all of it though.

    As for the followers, I agree with Amy - probably had nothing to do with you. I lose a few every now and then.

  5. I want a tummy tuck!! So need to find some plastic surgeons friends lol. So is your hubby an anesthesiologist I take it? That's great!
    I am a new follower (Lost 2, gained 1!!) so I am just catching up on everything.
    Check mine out if you would like www.samswlsjourney.blogspot.com
    <3 Sam

  6. I hate losing followers. Hmph. I can't believe I didn't comment on this blog sooner, I read it when you first posted it last month!

    Miss you! Hope you find some time to blog soon, ladybug. :)

  7. You don't need tummy tucks or less boobies! you look good! enjoy life!!


  8. Lee Ann, I totally hear you on losing Followers. I really hate it when some drop off. I always wonder what I did, or said that made them want to stop Following me.

    But what some of the others have said, could at least be partly true. Also, we found out that Google will not allow us to Follow over 300 blogs!! Here is the question asked and yhe response given.

    Why can I only follow a maximum of 300 blogs? Is there any way around this?

    That is a limit that Google placed on the widget. They assumed that is a point that no blog will realistically reach.

    You can subscribe to as many blogs, or web sites, that you wish. The limitation is simply how many different blogs you can have your picture displayed on..... :(

    Also, if you do have (IC) Interstitial Cystitis, it will eventually go beyond just Bladder pain, at least it did for me. It included pain in the entire Pelvis, and made having sex a nightmare!! I am so glad that I am on drugs prescribed by my Urologist/Gynecologist, that has taken all that pain away, and I can now enjoy a great sex life with my hubby, free of pain!!