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Monday, June 27, 2011

Got an official date!!

I can't remember if I warned you in advance, but I've been on vacation in beautiful Colorado for the last two weeks.  Just got back!  I'll tell you all about my trip later.  For now, someone get me a microphone.

Tap, tap, tap.  Check 1-2-3.


July 18.

I'm so freakin' excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll fly down to Texas three weeks from today.

Oh man, and do you want to know the BEST PART?

My parents won't be able to make it up to San Antonio to be with me.  At first my mom wanted to me to reschedule for September because she didn't want me in the hospital all alone (I didn't care if I was alone, seriously!!).  But of course, I didn't want to wait another two months, so I called one of my best friends down in the Corpus Christi area.  She has two kids and is recently divorced.  She and her husband share custody.  In the summer, they trade the kids back and forth each week.  I asked her if she was free for the week of July 18.  She said YES and that she would LOVE to hang out with me in a hotel room for a week.

So that's what we're gonna do.  She's picking me up from the airport the day before surgery and we'll head straight to the hotel so I can get busy with that lovely magnesium citrate bowel cleanse.

OH, think of the memories we will be making together!  There's HUGE potential for some hilarious memories.  We have been friends since the age of 11 but I think a bowel cleanse will take us to the next level of friendship.  Don't you?

Okay, really---I'm dreading that part.  But other than that----I'm super excited about having some girl time ALONE without our children.  We'll get to hang out, TALK, and have all kinds of girlie fun just being with each other.  No one will be there to interrupt our conversation to demand request a popsicle.  There will be no standing by the potty for all of eternity 15 minutes while waiting for my 3 year old to take care of business.  

I don't know if I'm more excited about surgery, or that I get 5 days of hanging out with my friend.

Some of you hate words such as "bandiversary," "surgiversary," "jeggings," etc. but I personally love combination words.

SO, since my surgery is also a vacation, a new word needs to be invented.  SURG-A-CATION.  Or VACURGERY.

Let's just go with surgacation.  And, just so you know, Microsoft did not underline either of my words, so that means they must be real words.  Right?

Here's a picture at Mesa Verde.  Right before my 3 year old dropped his Lightning McQueen sippy cup over a cliff and had a total meltdown.  Which was right before we had to turn around and leave.


  1. I totally love your new word surgacation... Can I use it too?? mine starts Friday and then I am actually taking two weeks vacation to mend..
    Good news.. and love that you will be with a girlfriend..


  2. Congrats on the surgery date!!! You're on your way!!!

  3. That is awesome! Congrats on getting your date.

  4. Congrats on getting your date! Also make sure you and your girlfriend use the hotel pool before your surgery cause there are no pools or hot tubs etc for a few weeks after surgery.

  5. Congrats on the date! You were within spitting distance of me on your CO vacation.

  6. Yay for getting the date set, and for hanging out with a girlfriend for a week!

  7. Beyond thrilled for you sweetie!!! Love the new word! I think surgication is the perfect way to kick off the rest of your life!! I'm sure you'll be allowed liquid libations poolside talking girly talk as you recooperate. After all, it is a surgication! Since you are coining the word, you get to define it and make the rules.

  8. Congrats on the surgery date. You are weeks away from a new adventure.

  9. yay! I'll be looking forward to hearing about your progress... now that my band has been taken away I think there might be a sleeve in my future too... hoping you have a great time with your friend, and mostly a surgery that is smooth sailing!

  10. Ohh I love Mesa Verde. We went through there on our honeymoon.

    WOWOW surgery is coming soon! I am so excited for you... what an adventure ahead! Yay

  11. I'm sooooooooo excited for you!!!

  12. Yay for surgery date!! Have fun on your surgacation!!!

  13. I am so excited for you! I am still trying to see your posts on my dashboard so bear with me!