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Friday, July 30, 2010

very first appointment

So my very first appointment at the Bariatric Center at Magee Womens Hospital is on August 12, 2010.

The lady over the phone told me to start writing down everything I eat and to bring it with me.  They will give me another food journal at this appointment and they'll weigh me.

It's my understanding that six months after August 12, I'll be eligible for Lap Band surgery so long as I've complied with the diet.  I get the idea that the diet is an effort to prove my weight loss commitment to the insurance company so they'll be willing to pay for the procedure.

So....that means I'll hopefully be eligible for surgery in February 2011 around my 34th birthday.  :)  That would be an awesome present.

An even more awesome present will be feeling (& looking!) fabulous at 35.

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