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Friday, July 30, 2010

ouch! my feelings need a band-aid.

A few weeks ago I started looking into Lap Band surgery.

Over Christmas 2009, my husband, son, and I were celebrating the holidays with his family in Colorado.  We were setting up our Wii characters---you know, selecting hair color & style, eye color, outfits (etc!) to compose your "mini-me."

Blonde hair?  Check!  Hazel eyes?  Check.  Long lustrous girlie eyelashes?  Check.  Cute outfit?  Mmm...it's not real life, but I did the best I could....

Then my five year old niece chimed in, "You need to make it bigger because you're big."

[insert the sound of a record scratching!]


I was actually 21 weeks pregnant with our second child.

But still.


And for the record, I'll be damned if I have to bowl with a fat Wii character.  Being fat in real life is depressing enough.  I think I'll let my Wii character live in Fantasy Land.

And if that didn't hurt bad enough....

Fast forward a few months.  Our son was born on May 1, 2010 and my husband's family came out to visit in June.  I was sitting on the couch and my niece (the same one!) said, "How come your neck hangs down like that?"

Ummm, I believe she was referring to my double chin.

That's it.  I'm not pregnant anymore.  I've got no excuse.

These extra pounds must go before my own two sons can say something so hurtful about my weight.  Right now they are innocent and love me for me.  They don't see my size.  Eventually though, they will. The thought of them pointing out my size crushes me.

What was your 'that's it' moment?


  1. Hi, I was sent by Amanda's Waning! I just wanted to chime in on my "that's it" moment. I always knew I was fat, but when watching my honeymoon video of our hike up the falls at Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica. I was the only fat one out of the group, in my swimsuit! It was NOT pretty!

  2. I met some old college friends of my husband's for the first time in July. They had a couple of really cute little girls. The younger one was sitting on my lap when she poked my stomach and asked, "why is your belly so fluffy?"