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Thursday, February 9, 2012


One of the best things about being smaller is that shopping is EASY. And painless.

Here is the new top I got, a size medium. Yes, I know I need a cami underneath, thank you. :) I knew I had one at home, in burgundy just like my bra! Forgive my ugly mom jeans that are at least a size too big, these aren't the jeans I'll wear this top with. ;) And at home I have a fabulous necklace and bracelet to go with.

Aaaaand, while I was in TX house hunting a few days ago, the hospital I'd applied to called me on a Monday and wanted to interview me the following day. I had nothing professional in my suitcase. After I agreed to the interview and hung up the phone, I started to panic, knowing I'd have to run out and find something quick.

But that was silly. I went into The mall and bought the first pair of trousers I tried on. In 8P. (sorry no pic of those). In and out in less than ten minutes. Anybody who has EVER had weight issues knows what a miracle that felt like.

And how crazy is THIS?! I can't wait to get home in a couple days so I can weigh myself. Omg. The world just might end.

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  1. all I gotta say is LOOK AT THOSE COLLAR BONES!! lol heyy skinny minny!! Love that top. would look great with a semi-shimmery GOLD cami underneath!!

  2. Those mom jeans don't look that bad. :) I love the shopping story, and yes, I know just how amazing that is. It used to take me at least an hour to find something I even wanted to try on.

  3. Looking great darlin! I so hear you about the shopping. I can't wait to see if I am now in a size 6! I had a thigh lift with lipo last Monday and I cannot believe how tiny my thighs/hips are! I've always had a tiny waist so it will be interesting to see how the thighs affect my pants size!

  4. That top is FABULOUS. When you get too skinny for it, send it on over to me. ;)

  5. Love the top and congrats on size 8! What part of TX are you relocating too?

  6. I love, love, love that top! Good luck on the interview!

  7. You are SO RIGHT about being able to shop anywhere, anytime and gasp finding a size you think you are and having it FIT! OMG!

    Congrats on the cute top and new size 8 pants...woo hoo!

  8. Size Medium!!! That's awesome! And I definitely know how that last minute shopping used to feel. I had to pick up a shirt once during my lunch hour for an afternoon meeting and I had a full blown panic attack. I hope your interview went well!